Quick Pics: July

I don't have a ton to say today...a lot in my mind, but it's sort of swirling around and not exactly anything real yet. It's weird when you feel that happening, I think. Anyway, here are a few quick pics of my little pals.


We tried this cute little bakery Saturday morning- Turtle Bread Company. It was so good and so nice to sit outside. That is a cranberry muffin Davis is eating. WHAT? Cranberry? Yes, it's true. Davis has added a few new items to his menu...1) grilled cheese sandwiches 2) morning buns (sort of like a cinnamon roll but no glaze) and 3) this muffin. I know that probably doesn't sound like much to you- but he seriously has had about 5 things he eats- and it has now grown by over 50%. Hoorah.

I love this picture. But it also breaks my heart. He is SO. BIG. He opted to wear his batman gear to school on July 3rd with his red white and blue. I like that about him.

Holden and I went to Target and Jason's Deli on Sunday night. She insisted on wearing her Sophia jammies. She is in such a mommy phase right now. Wants to be with me ALL THE TIME...which I am totally eating up. Her facial expression here (above) reminds me of her daddy.

021 copy.jpg

This pic is of Davis and his classmates, making clay cupcakes.

And a silly picture of Holden goofing around this past weekend.

Have a great day!