A Gentleman's Game.

Bennett has gotten really into golf in the last 3-6 months. He ends up golfing at all these amazing golf courses with really talented golfers, for work, so I think he just decided he doesn't want to be horrible at it anymore...so he's been practicing a lot in his free time.

Sometimes he'll go to a course, sometimes a range, and sometimes he'll hit balls in our backyard. Davis really started to get into it too- enough so that Bennett took him to Golfsmith with him once to look at clubs and hit balls. Davis loved it. It's rare to find things he really loves- his personality is like his dad in that he's either ALL IN, or ALL OUT. No in between. So anyway, they've been hitting around together and on Sunday, Bennett got him his own clubs and took him to the course. I'm not sure who is more proud of this new thing they do together. 

I've never seen little clubs like that- is it not the cutest set up ever? It kills me. But not as much as these next pictures where Davis looks SO BIG. Those really kill me. :-(

Oh I love those boys! 

So lets see...what else...today I am meeting some friends for happy hour...it's a couple girls from my agency and a couple girls from other agencies around town. Have I told you that everyone but two of my friends here has quit in the last 3 months? Time to get the lead out...just so glad I met them all though. And so thankful we are still doing things even though we aren't all working together. I got pretty lucky with the people I met here- not lucky, blessed. I know that's why I ended up working here.

That's all I got today. Hope you're having a good one.