Breaking Through...

oh this week has been so tough with Davis. i am sure that a lot of it has to do with not having another parent to sort of break it up with...but good lord, i have really had to think about how much i love him and find extra patience in order not to just strangle him. he can just argue everything until you find yourself saying "davis, just give me a break already. just do it because i asked you you have to argue about EVERYTHING??? help your mom out, man..." 

it's that and it's also having to ask him 47 times to do one thing- and i know that a lot of that he cannot exactly help- but good lord it is exhausting just the same. 

and sometimes you think "geez- he's just a real pain in the ass..." and you don't even know what to do with him and you think you are doing a poor job parenting him and all of the sudden he does or says something that gives you hope that maybe in SOME ways, you have broken through to him.

we sponsor a little boy in Africa and I specifically chose someone that is Davis' age so he could have a clear understanding that this little boy is just like him. the little boy's name is michael and we have his picture on our refrigerator, and when we started this, i explained to davis how we were helping michael because he doesn't have a mommy and daddy like davis does, or a nice house, or food, or tons of toys, etc...and how God asks you to help people when you can.

and he's like "yeah yeah yeah, can you move out of the way so i can get a popsicle please and thank you, and i'll probably dump all the stuff out of the freezer while i'm doing it and then say 'oops, sorry' and keep running a mile a minute while you clean up after me..."

but occasionally when davis whines about something, like last night when i told him we didn't have any ketchup, and he said with his fists clenched "WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME?" i looked at him and said "do you think michael complains about not having ketchup?" and he paused and said "no" and then he thought a little more and said "because he doesn't even always have food..." and i said "that's right, so stop complaining about ketchup. that's ridiculous."

and that was that and we went on and had fun and hours went by.

then last night, after about an hour of me threatening him with anything and everything i could think of because so-help-me-God-Davis-if-you-get-out-of-that-bed-i-will-absolutely-go-crazy...I laid down with him (i know, i'm a sucker)...

and we laid there and he looked at me and said "do you think michael could come live with us? and we could be his mommy and daddy and his family?"

and i paused and couldn't believe my ears and my heart melted...and i said "would you want him to come live with us? you would need to share your room and all your things with him..."

and he said "yes, i have an idea. we could get those bunk beds and i could share my room and my toys and all my clothes with him..."

and i thought "thank you God..." sometimes things do get through to him. and i also thought "how dear are children- it's just so clear to him- if this little boy has nothing and we have a lot of things- why doesn't he just come live with us..."

it meant a lot to me. a lot to think about.

on a lighter note, here are some pictures of those crazies playing half naked in the backyard last night...their all-time favorite thing to do.

They love to dine al fresco...

And also, these pictures are without filters. I have to brag on Minne a little bit every now and then because most of the time, she can be a real BEAST. #summerinthecities