Moving and Shaking.

If I had to name this phase of our life- I would call it moving and shaking. And I'm loving it. I feel like since we've been here we've been able to do and see a lot of things we wouldn't or couldn't have (I'm not sure which is more accurate) before. 

Between new friends and travel- I think we've never had a more exciting calendar of events. Bennett has been out and about the past two nights for work and the All Star Game, and he is leaving for Canada today, so of course I began planning my own events next week, including a couple happy hours and don't forget: WE ARE LEAVING FOR TEXAS NEXT FRIDAY!!! It's really just now setting in, since we've been so busy. I'm so excited about the trip- seeing Scott get married, laughing with our friends, hanging with family, being in the hot sun...eating good barbecue and mexican food. Drinking great margaritas...ahh, the list could go on and on.

So yesterday I stayed home with Holden who has croup again. Her poor little voice is so frog-like and she just hasn't really been herself. She hardly slept at all Monday night, so we just played and she napped for 3.5 hours yesterday, and she was definitely feeling better this morning. These pictures were taken Tuesday morning on the way to the doctor, so as you can see by her giant smile, she wasn't 100% miserable, just a bit under the weather.

Because she just had croup (which is as viral as a common cold- I definitely asked) we went ahead with our plans to go over to the Ohme's house to play with Sarah and the boys. 

It's funny to watch them all together because Davis acts way more rough than normal since both Bennett and Brooks are used to wrestling all the time. And Holden, she sits and plays so quietly and nicely, sort of alongside them. Sarah is having a little girl in September and I know she will be thrilled to have one more sane person amidst all those crazy boys. 

photo 1.JPG

We brought the essentials: oreos, bug spray, water guns and bubbles. Brooks and Davis are finally in the same class, just as Bennett was moved out of Holden's and into another. It's so cute, Brooks and Bennett call her "little Holdy"...

Their school had a special visitor yesterday: Viktor the Viking. Davis could not stop talking about how Viktor the Viking always takes his time and does the right thing and most importantly (to a four year old) ALWAYS WINS.

More tomorrow!