Little Buddy.

Davis' teachers have been capturing a lot of great pictures lately- I love their idea of racing soap boats. Davis told me all about it- thought it was so much fun. His teacher, man, she really is the best. I think I want to invite her family over for dinner before Davis moves to Junior Kindergarten in September. Anyway- enjoy!

Miller Davis (2) copy.jpg

He is getting so big. I really love their ages right now- would like to freeze them in time. They are self sufficient for the most part, but still love to spend time with us and think we're great. 

Look at that belly! He is finally gaining weight. I am so thankful...geez, I was so stressed as he kept losing weight while growing taller. He is getting back to his stocky little self. 

Man they sure do love splash day at school. Enjoy it while you can little ones!! Davis is so excited that he will get to swim in Honey's pool EVERY DAY when we are there in a couple weeks. :-)