My Davis: Sweet and Serious.

Our kids could not be more opposite of each other. Holden is all smiles and giggles and trouble-making while Davis is sweet, sensitive and definitely serious.  He has been talking about some interesting things lately that I just want to capture here. 

As I mentioned, we ran into Caroline the other day at the pool. She is this sweet little red-haired girl in his class. She is thin and quiet and has sort of a Kennedy/Martha's Vineyard vibe about her. Anyway- they played and he had a blast and then a few days later we were talking before bed and I asked him if there were any girls he thought were really cute in his class. He grinned and said: Caroline. so we talked about that for a bit and he said he liked her because she his always nice and he "likes her colorful hair" which was about the most precious thing I thought he could say. 

100 Years:
Last night he told Bennett that he was going to live until he was 100 years old...then he paused and said "If I live to be 100 years old, does that mean you and mommy will have to die?" He's four. It feels so heavy to me that he thinks about these things. He is ALWAYS thinking about things, and they aren't always as light as a typical four year old, I think. But I guess that is a lot like me when I was little too. Don't get me wrong, he smiles and giggles and has four year old fun, but there is always something more behind his eyes.

Marry Me.
We read that book "Love you Forever" where the mom rocks the boy until he is old and sings this special song and then the boy grows up, gets married, and comes back to rock his mom when she is old and frail. After reading it he looked at me and said "I'm going to always live in your house." And I said "What about when you get big and strong like daddy and you want to marry a girl and move into your own house?" He very matter of factly said: "I'm going to marry you. And you can be my husband." Hehehe.

He also asks about Honey a lot. Why she lives in that house by herself and if she is sad, and then also why her leg hurts, and of course I tell him she is happy and she loves to have him come visit and that her leg doesn't hurt...but just always thinking.

I have noticed such an evolution of his and Bennett's relationship too. Davis used to just see Bennett as competition for my time and attention- and an obstacle to getting what he wants. They are both very much alpha males...but over the last year (3-6 months especially) he and Bennett have really become good buds. And their relationship (due to them both being alpha males) is certainly more tumultuous than Davis and I's relationship...BUT I've noticed lately that any time Bennett and I bicker, or even debate something, Davis will look at me with a scowl and say something like "Don't you bother my daddy..."

Things impact Davis significantly. He remembers things from years ago- big and small. And he watches things with serious intent. He is a wise old soul, a gentle soul, for sure. I love him, and the fact that he sneaks in our bed every morning almost, and he snuggles up and kisses and hugs us. What a dear little heart he has.

Happy Friday. Have a great weekend.