More From Denver.

So I think there were two really great things about Denver. The first was that I wasn't looking forward to it- not meaning that I was dreading it- but instead meaning that I was just simply too busy to think much about it. So it was a hugely pleasant surprise (almost) when it happened. The second thing was that I was completely reminded of what amazing friends I have- even in other places. Even when I don't see them for years...

Seeing both Katie and Sommer was like picking up exactly from where we left off. And that felt like the best surprise blessing. I was talking to Katie (Singapore Katie) the other day about how when you are lonely, you have to remember the dear friends you have...even when they aren't physically close. You know? Anyway- Denver reminded me of that. And I just felt so thankful and so lucky to have friends all over. Friends that know who I am, friends who I know through and through.

Holden and I sat together on the way there. She is a little stinker on the plane. When you tell her to stop kicking the seat in front of her, she gives you the biggest grin, and does it more. 

photo 4 (67) copy.jpg

We stayed with Sommer and John Friday and Saturday night. They have two kids, about the same age as ours, opposite genders for each age. Emma is 4 and was out of town with her grandma, so we spent a lot of time with Landon, who is 2. He is THE CUTEST little boy. So sweet. And he has this little raspy voice and speaks really loudly and announces everything that is happening. 

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.43.17 AM.png

We went swimming a lot at their little neighborhood pool which was a hit. 

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.43.29 AM.png

This is an unstaged picture of Holden and Landon sitting, chatting about life...Sommer and I are so excited about their future together. Our Christmases together. ;-)

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.52.05 AM.png

Landon is quite the charmer. He had her at "hello"...

Friday night we got a sitter and went out in downtown Denver. They are really doing some great renovations down there- last time we were there it felt a little dingy- but there are some great things happening in the Mile High City. 

photo 3 (87) copy.jpg

After dinner, we took a pedicab across town to this great little area and hit up Steuben's and this amazing ping pong bar called "Ace". The decor was awesome- everything was industrial- the bar was made from old airplane fuselage and the doors were parts of shipping containers. And of course, there was ping pong! 

Davis thinks it was no coincidence that the biker played a song about big butts when we got on. It's true, we're a little round and soft these days. Midwest winters will do that to will beer...and vacation...and really just having too much fun and feeling like every day is a celebration...


And then Saturday afternoon we got together with Katie and Ivan. We met for drinks- local brews of course- and then went to a park. I am such an idiot- I didn't get a single picture with Som or Katie. Hmmph. 

We got to spend some time with her new husband, Ivan, who is super great. I am so happy for them. 

Contrary to what you might see- I DID have on shorts this day. I feel the need to clarify this because clearly 50% of our family is often half naked. It's just not usually me. And here is Holden shouting "DAVIS!!!!" she gets really bent out of shape when he takes off somewhere and leaves her behind.

Oh, and one more picture Bennett snapped at Confluence Park.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.43.39 AM.png

I just really hope this picture is symbolic of their life together...checking cool stuff out...seeing the world...together. I adore them.