In anticipation of the fourth of July, I bring you: my political rant on liberty and the separation of church and state. Okay. I don't usually talk politics on here and I don't plan to make it a practice, but I can't help but share my thoughts on the recent Hobby Lobby/birth control ruling. Here goes.

One thing that I think is incredibly profound about our country and its fundamentals is our decision to separate church and state. While that may sound funny, as I am a Christian, it is actually my faith that makes me even more supportive of the separation of church and state. I certainly don't want the government to be pushing the religious rules or expectations of another faith on me, and I respect that those who are not Christians probably feel the exact same way. 

I can see the bigger picture.

This whole Hobby Lobby thing has me so bent out of shape. In a nutshell, and I fully get that my synopsis is not detailed in the way that the case was, but the gist is this: Hobby Lobby doesn't want to have to provide insurance coverage to their employees that covers emergency birth control or contraceptives. They believe it is their religious right to choose what type of coverage their employees get- and in this case- that doesn't include birth control. And surprisingly- the Supreme Court just agreed with them. Well, lets be clear, the majority of the Supreme Court did. EVERY SINGLE WOMAN on the supreme court dissented, and aggressively so. And if you don't think that is saying something- well I don't know what to say to you.

My simple take on it is this: When your personal and individual faith invades other people's liberties- we are going against the constitutional premise of separating church and state. And beyond that, just putting the constitution aside for a minute, when did it become okay to dictate what women can and can't do with their bodies. Since when is it our job as citizens to judge and place mandates on people without even understanding their story? I find that crazy. Especially as it's being supported by the party that is most aggressively against government telling them what to do with their money. So- don't tell me what to do with my money- but yes- please make plenty of rules and restrictions on what people are allowed to do with their BODIES. Their BEINGS.

Priorities out of whack? Just a bit. It's so backwards.

Anyway- I get the very simple-minded argument that these individuals are free to purchase the contraceptives on their own. But as Ginsberg clearly stated in her dissenting argument- it would cost an hourly hobby lobby employee a full month's wage to purchase those contraceptives outside of any insurance plan. So yeah- free. They are "free". Give me a break.

And what are we going after here? MORE unwanted pregnancies? MORE children without a loving home? A government that has set a new precedent to make decisions based on faith? While I am a christian, I am smart enough to know that that is a very dangerous door to crack open. Anyway. I'm on a rant, I know. But it just kills me. 

Less politics tomorrow. Just something to think about.