July 4th Countdown.

July 4th is kind of a big deal around here. And we have such fun memories from the 4th last year, we're basically replicating our plans again this year. But a new entry to the schedule is the bike parade at Davis and Holden's school on the 3rd. 

Bennett went out of town Tuesday morning, and I knew this would be the most amazing project for him, so I encouraged him to help Davis decorate his bike for the parade. And decorate they did. 

bik copy.jpg

At first, Davis wanted nothing to do with it...simply because he wanted to play at home instead of going to Hobby Lobby to get the supplies. I kept saying "Davis, you are going to be sad when all your friends have decorated bikes and your bike doesn't have any decorations..." "I won't be sad mom, I want it plain..."

We convinced him to go and a few hours later, he and his dad whipped this amazing situation up...GOD BLESS AMERICA.

I think this will be a big hit on Thursday...if I can fit it in my car. Holy buckets. I knew this project was right up Bennett's alley. He loves stuff like this. Definitely not my forte. 

And Davis was SO psyched. He was grinning from ear to ear and at one point, looked at me and said "You're right mom. I would be SO sad without these decorations." :-)

Holden and I waited in the car while they picked out their gear...and played PEEK-A-BOO.

Have a great day- hope you are getting geared up for the 4th too!