As mentioned, I have more pictures of Holden because she is more than willing to pose for me, while Davis cannot usually be bothered to stand still for a picture for goodness sakes. 

She looks so big to me here! And I still see my mom lately when I look at her face. I love this picture. I love her. We have this new little routine where just before breakfast, she asks me to hold her and we sit on the couch and snuggle for a minute. This is a big deal because Holden LOVES breakfast. Speaking of breakfast, their dad took them to Little Pete's today, which I'm sure was the BIGGEST hit for them. They love that place- and sprinkled donuts. 

So lets see, what else can I tell you...Courtney had her baby- it is a BOY! I should have stuck with my initial instinct. They named him Weston Blake Barry and he is 100% perfect and adorable. I talked to her this morning and she is on cloud nine. I so wish we could just pop over to see them- but it makes July even more fun to look forward to.

What else...hmm, tomorrow I am getting my hair cut, that's exciting. I love my lady here- she pretty much tells me what I should do- so we'll see what I end up with. :-) And then Saturday morning I think Davis will play golf while my friend Ellie comes over with her little one, Sierra. We'll either go to the Edina Art Fair, play at our house, or go to the park. Her husband travels for work sometimes too- so I think our new thing will be incorporating each other into our weekends when our men are out of town. Makes it easier and more fun. Then Sunday we're celebrating father's day early- so I have a few ideas up my sleeve.

It should be a fun weekend. I hope it doesn't rain. Peace out for now.