Small Things.

I forgot to mention the most fun part of my week so far...I got a little carried away, going all Oprah on you yesterday. Anyway...

Monday, I went home from work feeling fully defeated, like I am completely in the wrong place, doing the wrong thing, and just not being me...just not pushing myself to my full potential, to my passions. And I was bummed and down and out while I worked while chatting with Bennett on the couch. And then around 8:30, Bennett got a text asking what our favorite Blizzard flavors are. I just looked at Bennett and said "Don't even talk about ice cream unless you're going to go get some..." He laughed and said "Nate is asking- he's got a theory..." I didn't think anything of it...until about 20 minutes later, the doorbell rang and there were Sarah, Nate, Brooks and Bennett, with EIGHT blizzards for all of us.

It was like the most fun surprise ever. Our kids were sleeping, so we went out back, ate blizzards and just chatted. It made my heart so happy. Not so much the ice cream, but the funny and the thoughtful surprise. Now, I should share that Nate knows we are trying to lose weight and he is, in fact, in a competition with Bennett at work- so I think the real intention was sabotage...but I don't care. Ha.

I forgot to wrap up our weekend with a post about Sunday. We went to this little shop I've been following on Facebook: Junket, Tossed & Found, and it was so much fun.  AND GUESS WHAT I FOUND??? An awesome mint green, vintage sink duo. And I made it a tomato planter! My little container garden is actually happening! I can't wait to see tomatoes. 

This whole situation literally made my day. I was like a giddy child. And Holden is equally excited about the tomatoes- honestly- I will have to hide some from her if we want any. 

Okay so another thing that I am excited about is the fact that we have a basement again. Not sure if you remember but our basement flooded in May- you know- record setting rainfall following a record setting cold we've been without a basement and we've also dealt with people coming in and out of our house to rip up the floors, put in a sump pump, re-concrete the floors, patch the walls, paint the walls, redo the trim, re-hang the doors, lay the carpet, etc. Remind me that I can never live through a renovation in my house. It drives me bonkers. I hate things being in disarray. But anyway- that's not the point- I am excited because we have carpet again.

I also LOVE this little card that Davis made for Bennett for Father's Day. It kills me.

photo 1 (100) copy.jpg

He DOES like to eat eggs. Anyway- have a good day. There are lots of good, small things out there. Keep your eyes peeled.