Being Bold.

Maybe it's just me, but when I think about people that are bold in nature, or even just bold in the moment, I think of incredibly confident individuals who a) are never intimidated and b) therefore, never falter. But lately, me thinks that is not true. Sometimes, hell maybe even most of the time, being bold doesn't always feel like it looks from the outside. 

Maybe there aren't just people who are born to be bold, born to fly, born to "live that way". Maybe we're all just people and some of us decide to live boldly- for a moment or a day, or a lifetime. And maybe it doesn't always look like success. Maybe sometimes it looks like tears and a silent resolve to keep trying.

And maybe you all are like "duh" but as I'm thinking about it- if we reframed what boldness is- the simple courage to act on things we are passionate about or believe in or even just want to try- can you ever fail? If it's the act of going for it that is success, then the outcome doesn't really even matter. Just the pursuit. You are bold for painting and sharing it. You are bold for moving. You are bold for starting your own publication. You are bold for speaking truth. You are bold for reinventing yourself at 55. You are bold for your honest self reflection. HOLY SHIT-  YOU'VE ALREADY SUCCEEDED! 

But for the little voice that says "what if..."

Maybe being bold has nothing to do with outcome, but instead the journey. That changes everything, doesn't it?