Gully Washer.

Saturday night was nothing short of a gully washer, here in Minneapolis. Friday afternoon was beautiful, as was Saturday during the day, and then around 4:00, it started to pour and it really rained SO much until the next morning. Everything here is painted in this beautiful range of greens, and with each rain, the colors gain even more depth. It's really pretty- I'm not going to lie.

We had a good weekend- lots of activities- just the way I like it. Started the weekend by going to Chuck E Cheese at like 5:30 on Friday. When I am by myself with them, it's best to go places that are not super packed. Davis will stay right by me, and even help me watch Holden, but she is sneaky and likes to dart off and hide. They were SO excited to go to Chuck E Cheese- their smiles and Davis saying "THANKS MOM! THAT WAS SOOOOO FUN!" after made it worth it. Holden doesn't care whether the rides are actually on or not- she just likes all the action. Davis' favorite game was one with giant hoses where you put out fires. We saved the day SO many times. 

Davis' face on the way there- think he was excited???

There is this little area right next to Chuck E Cheese that is called Centennial Lakes- they have this fountain/splash pad thing and just a bit further, there is a lake with paddle boats and things- and in the winter it's where everyone goes ice skating. When it gets a little warmer, we will go back to the fountains and get WET!


Then Saturday morning we met Sarah, Brooks and Bennett at the park by our house. Holden wanted to be Handy Manny, so she wore her hard hat, and Davis fashioned a bow and arrow out of his dad's dress hanger and a plastic samurai sword. Creative kids. I love it.

photo 5 (31) copy.jpg

It was really such a pretty morning at the park. And then while Holden was napping- Davis played in the backyard with the hose while I picked up the playroom a bit. Oh man, it was so humid, due to the coming rain, that I was sweating through my shirt by the end of it. Saturday evening I went to that Mexican Fiesta in St. Paul. The girl's house was in the most beautiful area- so woodsy and green. I had never been to that part of St. Paul- I see why people want to live there too. Anyway- we had margaritas and laughed and talked- and it was everything I needed at the end of the day.

Davis was SUCH A HANDFUL this weekend. And not really in the sort of "acting out" way, but more in the emotional meltdown are-you-a-teenager-or-are-you-four sort of way. Sometimes I think "Okay, this is just part of development. He is just really expressing himself and also pushing you to see what he can get away with...just be strong." Other times I am like "Does this kid have emotional distress or something? And if so, what is it from, good Lord, this kid's life is a carnival..." I honestly went back and forth this weekend. I'm not sure what was going on, but he was so unkind and just unpleasant to be around most of the time. I started crying at one point. And I'm not a pushover. 

Davis exhibited exactly what I had told Bennett about, about 30 minutes after he got home yesterday. Bennett picked him up, (he was kicking and screaming) and took him into his room and basically said "We don't want to hear this anymore. Do not come out of this room until you are ready to be nice to everyone. No one appreciates you being this way to us. It's mean."

I think that was the first time Davis felt any sort of remorse. When he came out with Bennett (Holden and I were in the car) he was sobbing and he apologized and said "Mommy- will you give me a chance to really be sorry?"

I was both thankful for Bennett being there and taking a new angle at it- having a new presence- but at the same time- I don't want Bennett to have to be the enforcer. a) that's not fair to him and b) i'm no withering violet. But honestly, I joking/not joking told Bennett that Davis had just worn me down. I was like a lady in a bad relationship by the end of the weekend- trying not to do anything that would set him off. 

Davis is our labor of love. Everything is black or white with him- the things that make him amazing are like beyond any other kid amazing. And the things that make him tough are like beyond any kid tough. And I just want him to be happy. And I am so thankful for Holden, because through all of this, she will just look at me with wide eyes and say "Davis CWYING..." or she'll do something silly or just smile so big her face might crack. 

Anyway- it wasn't all bad. He was just tough. They both got haircuts- which is always a gamble and an adventure. Davis ended up getting a buzz cut (not really what I had pictured- but it will work for summer) and Holden just got a trim. Her hair kills me. I love it.

Their faces were crazy dirty- this was post-park. Holden loves getting her hair cut, Davis hates it. So, we make it a race and I go back and forth between chairs to see who is sitting most still and who will finish first. So that's my weekend. Hope all is well with you guys! 

A few things I'm looking forward to: my mom's birthday is tomorrow, we are having Rachel (Murpy) and her boyfriend over for dinner Saturday, then Sunday we are doing an early father's day celebration and the Edina Art Fair is on. :-)