As I mentioned, it's very green here these days. I love it. This state is one of extremes. All green, real green...or all white, snow white. Pitch black at 4:30 p.m. or fluorescently bright at 8:30 when you are trying to convince your kids it's time for bed. Nothing in the middle...

Last night, I met Krissy across the highway at this great little park near a great little lake. There are lakes everywhere- also really beautiful. We walked around the lake a couple times and talked and it was just so nice. Just having Bennett at home with the kids so I could do this, so I could experience something other than the nightly grind, was so nice. It really made me feel invigorated. I think the kids feel the same way because they want to be outside 24/7. Even after/when it's raining a bit. 

Here are my three amigos, about to head out for a walk Sunday morning. So, yes, Davis has a gun in his hands. And here is how I feel about guns: I am SOOOOO not into them. I don't want him to have any guns that look like real guns, I want him to understand that guns are not toys, etc. But I am somehow okay with a water gun. I mean, I guess I think that it's pretty obvious, pretty quickly, that it is harmless and in fact, a toy, as it simply shoots water. Anyway- that's my rant. He has a water gun. And while I think it's fun and harmless- its also where I draw the line.

Look at that GREEN grass- and that is without editing, friends. And look at that silly smile on my Holdy Bear. :-)

photo 5 (30) copy.jpg

She would stop to pat each and every make a splash. It made for a very short walk that took a very long time. Ha. They were both very happy out walking in the puddles while it rained a bit.

Doesn't he look so old? And handsome? His hair is so blonde- I sort of forgot until we cut it short. And also, that hair is kind of growing on me...nice for a change and also nice because I feel like his haircuts are always SO choppy. I'm not supposed to say that- but it's true. 

Lovely backdrop, right? I can't get over it- how plush everything is after how stark and cold the winter was. Pretty impressive the persistence of these plants. That's a mouthful. 

Okay anyway- I don't know if I mentioned that I am working on a music festival here called Basilica Block Party- it's a pro bono account and of course super fun because it's music and it's local and stuff. Anyway- there is a fundraiser art show tonight (Tuesday)- and Ellie and I are going after work. I think it will be fun- and we might grab a bite after too. 

Anyway- happy Tuesday. More tomorrow.