Minnesota Summers.

So, we've been a part of record breaking seasons every season that we've been here. The coldest winter, the wettest spring/summer, etc. It's been crazy. And I'm ready for the rain to stop and the heat to start. But, I will say that the rain brings a lot of color and life to the area, and that is really beautiful to see. I still haven't done the trough garden yet- I'm super behind...but I did weed this garden space that was already in my backyard about a month ago with great ambitions to nurture the existing plants and put in some more. And then the rain came and that weeded garden is basically a crazy jungle. EXCEPT I noticed that there were three beautiful flowers hidden in the crazy dense green bush. And my mom said they are peonies! Peonies, right in my very backyard. Yahoo!

My friend Eden told me that they only bloom for one week the whole year, at least in Minnesota, so this may be all we have- but I am thrilled nonetheless. Also, don't you love that vase? It's one of my favorite things I own. It was my mom and dad's from when they were newlyweds. :-)

Anyway- we are outside whenever we can be- even if it's just to sit under a table. 

Or sometimes ON a table- eating a popsicle.

Oh and one more picture of the crazy midwest rain/storms. And then I gotta run. Busy week.

I'm like such a talented photographer. Look out Sweet Louise. ;-) Au revoir for now.