Sioux Falls

Honey didn't get in until about 2:30 a.m. on Thursday night, but we were out the door for South Dakota by 8:30. The kids were great the whole way (4 hours) and we talked a lot about the pool and the toys and the friends they would get to play with. There was no overselling. We had such a great time. It was sooo fun to spend time with people that are like family to us- who have known us for so long- and to meet their new people too! Katie, who is about my age has Madlyn (8), Hollace (4) and Tommy (2)...and then Matt has Paige (12) and Claire (10) so everyone had someone to play with.

Hollace and Davis were immediate best buddies- or maybe even more. Apparently Davis had his first kiss this weekend with Miss Hollace, in the basement. Ha! Dick, Hollace's grandpa, was teasing Davis asking if he liked Hollace and if he was going to marry her and he just sort of nonchalantly said "Yeah..." either not really understanding what he was saying or not really caring/thinking it was a big deal. But then Dick asked if he had smooched her- again just kidding- and he said "Yeah- one time..."

We couldn't believe it! I asked him about it later and he said that it was her idea and that she kissed him in the basement. HEHEHE. Maddy overheard and said "Eww. Kissing is SO Gross." and Davis just looked at her calmly and seriously and said "Kissing is NOT GROSS." And that was that.

Until Katie informed me that Davis was not Hollace's first kiss- by far. That little vixen. Apparently she kisses all the boys at school. Look out Davis! Anyway, we had so much fun, even though it rained most of the day on Saturday. 

Honey and Dawn, cruising around with their grandbabies! Apparently Holden loved it, but Davis wanted to go back after a while. Silly boy.

Davis and Hollace, playing down in the basement. She looks like trouble, huh?

Snacking on some Oreos. Holden really began to realize that she could eat more treats on vacation than we ever let her at home...every once in a while she would look at whoever was listening and say "I need some ice cweam, pwease..." Ha!

I drove Davis down memory lane- including our house that my mom architected and built when we moved there in the late 80s. Such a pretty house! And such a fun neighborhood. It has grown crazily. When we moved there, behind our backyard there was nothing but a corn there is a golf course and tons of beautiful homes. The yard is big, but I remember it felt NEVER-ENDINGLY big to me when I was little. 

Oh and I caught this crazy picture on the way home yesterday- it is flooding so bad in parts of the Midwest that we had to be re-routed due to major highways being covered in water. The 4 hour drive turned to 6. Thank God Honey was along...she is a great entertainer in the car.

Crazy beautiful, right? The colors. They are unreal. Anyway- we had a blast and now I'm scrambling to get back on track at home and at work. This is a busy work week for me.

Peace out.