More Bits.

So Saturday night we had Murpy (Rachel) and her boyfriend Justin over for dinner. I love Rachel and I like that we are becoming friends beyond just our interactions at school and through babysitting. She is so fun, and her boyfriend was really sweet too. I made chicken tikka masala, and it was amazing, if i do say so myself. Both Murpy and Justin are from Minnesota and had never had Indian food before, so that was fun, to introduce them to that. Not sure if they drove through McDonalds on their way home, but in my mind, they loved it and their horizons were expanded. Ha.

To say we had a good time would be the understatement of the century. And I wish I could tell you all about it, but the 2nd half of the evening is, well, blurry. Too much good red wine. We'll have to do it again- with a little less wine. 

Sunday, we celebrated Father's Day early and went for brunch at The Tavern on France. We were able to sit outside and the kids could sort of roam around and it was just soooo nice to be outside.

This is Holden saying "Cheese!" Great smile, right? Very natural.

Look at those snuggle bugs. I asked Davis what he liked best about his daddy and he said "I like when my daddy reads good stories to me..." Bennett does all the voices and gets so into it- so I can totally see why he said that.

Look at those happy faces! We are so thankful for Bennett.