Mini Minne Bucket List.

Bennett and I keep talking about making a Minnesota bucket list, but we just never get around to it. It feels a little overwhelming. So instead, because I love planning and looking forward to things, I'm going to share with you my own personal Mini Minne Bucket List. 

1) Plant a horse trough garden. I am hoping this can take place one of the next weekends. I talked to this guy I work with who grew up on a farm and who now has his own major garden, and I think I am going to focus on tomatoes, green beans and lettuce in year one. I love the idea of growing things we will eat- and I know we will eat those things. Holden and I will eat the tomatoes like apples.

2) Go to Lake Okoboji. This is a lake in Iowa that my mom took us occasionally as kids. There is a great old time amusement park, the lake is beautiful, and I love returning with my kids to places I went as a kid. 

3) Take advantage of the many farmer's markets- eat tons of corn and fresh produce. 

4) Rent a boat and just go out on Lake Minnetonka for a day with the kids.

5) Have a one year Minne anniversary party. Yes, like complete with a giant cake in the shape of a ONE, and I will invite everyone that made this year fun. I'm already having to nail down dates because people take summer so seriously here and they get booked up at least a month in advance. It's insane. No time to mess around. (Also, my friend Rachel, or "Murphy" as we sometimes call her just gave me a Minnesota cookie cutter...and I AM TOTALLY GOING TO MAKE MINNESOTA COOKIES FOR THE PARTY!!! It's like she is in my brain).

6) Go to Stillwater Wisconsin- it's just a couple hours away and apparently so fun. Cute little town with tons of stuff to do and see. 

7) Camp out in our backyard with the kids.

8) See music in the bandshell at Lake Harriet, and also watch a movie at the park. 

And I'm sure I will come up with more, but again, this is a mini Minne bucket list. Okay and here are some pics of the beans because I know that's what some of my most vocal audience members really want. :-)

Twinning and Winning with her pal, Elsa. Elsa is the one with the fab hair and Hunter boots. 

Davis doing some parachute stuff with his class. He is so thrilled that this is his last week of uniforms until September. Yahoo! Oh and here are a few of those other pictures from the party Saturday.

So here's the thing about Anna and Elsa's hair...I'm starting to think their color is not natural...(That's what she said to me here)