Sundays are sort of family days for us- we just pal around, get things done, prep for the week and relax a bit (when all that other stuff is done). I'm starting to realize how on-the-go we are...I just sort of thought it was normal until I talked to Nikki this weekend. She felt she lived a life in a weekend. Ha. Anyway, to the point- here are some pictures from this past Sunday. 

Okay, it's not 90 degrees here, but it's not winter hat weather. But Holden loves wearing that hat- and she is not one to conform- so the hat is worn. I wonder how far into the summer this will last.

As we went through the garage, we pulled the FatBoy out...the kids LOVED it. We would have the fatboy inside, but it has a cut in it and all the beans have been falling out for the last year or two. It's a feels wasteful to throw it away, but it's gone pretty limp without all the beans, so it isn't really that comfortable...unless you are playing on it in the front yard. Maybe they will get a new one for Christmas or something- FatBoy has some GREAT new designs now- they I really love the plain red one. Anyway- I love seeing them snuggle and play like much giggling!

Holden thought Nikki's shoes with toes were so funny- she kept putting them on and tromping around. I think they are pretty funny too! :-)

And then for dinner, holy buckets, Bennett made coconut curry seafood stew. His first time, and it was amazing. I am so lucky...and Nikki seared tuna steaks. It was a seafood feast. Did I mention that we had oysters on Saturday night at Cafe Lurcat? And that they were the best oysters I've ever had? Right here in Minnesota? I have been craving seafood lately- so this was a treat.

Okay- so that's all I got. We found a sitter for Friday so we're going to The Wild playoff game. I'm taking Davis to the doctor after school to see why he keeps clearing his throat- the nurses clearly think I am ridiculous and keep saying to wait it out- but we'll see...and, what else? Hmm...I guess that is it today. Have a good one!