We've been talking a lot about home- missing home, being glad to have an adventure away from home, and even our flooded physical home and what to do with it. Sort of in a teasing me way, and sort of in a serious way, Bennett gave me a hug and said "My home is wherever you are..." And while I feel that way too- for sure- I do often think about what home is for me right now. Like I've always said, I want to remain close with my Texas friends and family- even building those relationships while I'm away- and yet at the same time, I want to live in the present as well and learn to build friendships here. And I came across this post on Pinterest a while back- and it just really stuck with me. 

It stuck with me because for the first time in my life- I can really relate to that a bit...last night I talked to Courtney on the phone for an hour. We talked all about them moving into their house and all the preparations for baby Barry, and I got off the phone both feeling so thankful and so homesick. Like I wanted to jump through the phone and be there. Help her set up their new house, and the baby's room. She made all my music lists for me when I had Davis, and they were there the day he was born, and they kept Davis when Holden was born...and I just want to be there for this. I just want to be there.

And then I got off the phone with her and I had a great little text from a friend here- and I felt so thankful for that. And it made me think...about how full your life can be...if you let it. Which of course reminded me of one of my favorite Indigo Girls songs: All That We Let In (ignore the video- ?? - just listen to the words) which made me think of a night spent in Nikki's apartment bathroom in DUMBO when I had a bladder infection and couldn't get off the pot...which is totally another story...but anyway. I felt both heartbroken and hopeful in the same moment. And I wondered to myself "Oh my God, what if I just started living? What if this is what life is? Because the more you let in, the more beautiful and broken you feel..." It was sort of a terrifying and shocking thought.

So I've been wrestling with that a little bit today. Deep thoughts this Thursday, right? Sometimes I think a lot. Okay. I never stop thinking. I have to force myself to shut it down by watching Bravo or I would probably be a mental case, for goodness sakes. So don't trash trash TV. It has it's purpose. 

And on that note- I'm going to share with you my favorite looks from the Met Gala. 

Okay, we all love Emma Stone. She's amazing- I didn't pick this pic just for that though. I think it's such a fun and even sophisticated look. You might be thinking it's a little bit Barbie, and maybe it is, but I think I'm okay with that since she tries so many different looks. She can go from menswear to this without flinching. And I admire that in a woman.

Okay and this girl is like 15 years old. Who is so sophisticated and yet still so age appropriate at 15? I would have worn like a sequin mermaid gown or something...

And this one, poor Maggie, she got ripped on a bit, but I sort of love this Valentino.

Finally- here is Hayden- and her dress looks boring until you look more closely and see the giant flower pattern. I like it. 

Okay, that's all. Have a great day.