Love Languages.

I seriously believe in love languages- and basically if you don't know what that means- it is the idea that you have to understand what things make someone feel loved to really speak their language and truly make them feel your love. Some people like words of affirmation, some love acts of service, etc etc. There is a whole book on this- and while it's great- that's not the point...

Last night Bennett said something to me and he was speaking my love language in ways I bet he couldn't even imagine. I was lying in bed and he was packing his things for his trip this morning (he is going to be gone almost every business day but two this month). Sort of tough, or maybe tiring is a better word...but that is only semi-related to this commentary. Anyway, he gave me a hug and he said "Sam, I'd like to see if we could get someone to come once a week to help you with the laundry. Every time I walk in the laundry room and see it all- I get overwhelmed- so I know you are overwhelmed..."

And I almost started to cry because it was so sweet. What a thoughtful and unexpected comment. And now I just hope he sees it through! Ha. Feel free to make a big deal of how much it meant to me. 

Anyway- so Bennett really spoke my love language. And guess who else has a new little understanding of language? HOLDEN. This weekend, she tattled on Davis twice. This is a first for her. It was really so cute. And we couldn't help but giggle, much to her dismay. Davis better look out- she's going to rat him out. Only problem is that she is more of a troublemaker than he is. And he never tells on her. In fact, if you reprimand her for something, he comes to her defense so fast...regardless of what she has done. 

Anyway- here are more pictures from this weekend.

Nikki and Davis are kindred spirits- in many ways- but the most obvious one this weekend was their shared love for legos. They built a pretty simple pirate ship- it had a working cannon- so that was the draw- and then they built a more difficult little lego tow truck. Nikki also brought a couple toys they got in Texas for Christmas- their doll house and Davis' Rok n Bok. They were so thrilled- it was like christmas all over fact, over Christmas, Holden named the little blonde doll from the dollhouse "Murphy" after her favorite teacher, Ms. Murphy. And right away when she opened the box, she saw the doll and she said "Murphy! Murphy! And she has carried that little doll around since then..."

The weather is so nice this week- we are soaking it in. And we have some fun plans this weekend- Friday night, Davis somehow got tickets to the Stanley Cup playoff game- The Wild is in for the first time in a while so everyone is going I just need to find a sitter. Then Saturday we have a party/fundraiser at their school, where Holden will get to have tea with Anna and Elsa from Frozen, and then Saturday night we are trying out Brasa, a restaurant in Minne, with some friends. Sunday should be relaxing (MOTHER's DAY!) and hopefully the weather will be beautiful and we can be outside quite a bit. 

More tomorrow!