Nikki's Visit in Pictures.

Oh it was such a good weekend. And my heart hurts a little (read: a lot) today so I'm just going to let the pictures from this weekend do the talking- and I'll write more tomorrow.

We went to the park Saturday morning- it was still quite chilly- but nice to be outside. And Bennett doesn't typically wear socks with his flip flops- but his toes got cold! No time for vanity here in Minnesota.

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 12.22.33 PM.png

And then we played outside for most of the afternoon. That hose is a fire hose- clearly...we put out lots of fires in our backyard- almost weekly.

Then Nikki and I went to Cafe Lurcat, which is this cute little French/American bistro in downtown Minneapolis. Loring Park to be exact. And we had the best oysters and wine (after Nikki sent the first bottle back- ha- there is a story there...) and really the whole meal was amazing and the company was even better.

And that was a wonderful day one of Nikki's visit. I can tell you this- I've never seen smiles so big from Holden or Davis. I thought her face might crack and he might break into tears of joy. They ADORE her. So do I.