Sleeping it Off.

So Friday night was a total blast- we had a great dinner on a beautiful patio- and then bar/brewery hopped until we ended the night dancing with 21 year olds at The Loop. It was hysterical and so fun. This is the only picture I managed to capture- of my friend Ellie. We were laughing so hard because we couldn't crack that lobster open to save our lives. And we looked so ridiculous wrestling with it in our bibs. Ha. I love Ellie- she's so fun. Also, a good friend. She had to put some 21 year olds in their place for making fun of my crazy dance moves later that night. She said something like "We don't get out much, so lay off. We have SIX children between the two of us..." (We really only have three, but I guess the extras helped, because I think they ended up having major appreciation for us after- some of them even got up and danced. Listen, I cannot be trying to look cool when I'm a rug cutting mood.)

photo 3 (64) copy.jpg

I woke up Saturday morning and noticed my throat hurt, but felt like it was just hurting in unison with the rest of my body due to the previous night's debauchery. As the day wore on, it kept feeling worse, but I rallied to have our friends, the Schneiders over, which was so fun. The weather here this weekend was absolutely beautiful. Or so I hear...

I couldn't sleep at all Saturday night, I felt feverish and achey and my tonsils felt like they were beating out of my neck. So the next morning I headed over to our fav spot- Edina Urgent Care- and took a strep test. POSITIVE. And there went my long weekend. Seriously- I forgot how hard core strep is. I slept most of Sunday, all of Monday and even all of Tuesday. And I'm back at work tonight, but not really ready to rally for the Twins game tonight- so they will go without me. What a bummer. 

Bennett was awesome, entertaining the kids all weekend. They probably ate more popsicles than you can count on one hand...and Davis was so sweet to me too. When he could tell I was really sick, he asked if he could have his rest time on my bed with me, but said he would stay back from me if he could just hug my one point, he handed me his blue blanket and said "Mom, you can have my blue blanket. And if you need anything- you just ask me." He is so dear.

The only time I got out was to go sit at the park and watch the kids play on Monday.

photo 1 (76) copy.jpg

We took Pico to the park- so Bennett threw the ball a lot for him. Pico's getting older- he got winded a lot sooner than he used to. But I think he's liking it here and we're enjoying having him. Especially Davis. Pico sleeps in his room every night and Davis is so proud. We took him to the park yesterday after school and Davis asked if he could carry the leash and go show the other kids his dog. :-)

The amount and quality of parks here is pretty hard to beat. This one you see in the pictures is my favorite though...they have a big pool that will fill up soon and it only goes to about two feet- so it's just for little kids. I can't wait to do that. Holden and Davis will love it.

So yesterday, I picked the kids up from school, took them to the park and then went to Target to get Davis some flip flops. He has been wearing his tennis shoes, his rain boots, and his John Deere boots on a 33/33/33 rotation...however, it's not really raining anymore, his tennis shoes are in Bennett's car at the airport, and those John Deere boots have gotten so small, he has a near meltdown each time he tries to get them on- but INSISTS they still fit. So I figured maybe if he had some summer shoes, he could slowly let go of aforementioned boots. We were almost out of the aisle with some plain, but nice looking navy flip flops when he spotted them: SPIDERMAN SANDALS THAT LIGHT UP WHEN YOU WALK. As you can imagine- they are the tackiest things ever...and as you can also imagine they are the only thing he could ever picture himself wearing moving forward. 

So many promises of amazing behavior to come for those shoes! Good decisions left and right. No BAD CHOICES, mom! So of course, we had to get the shoes. Well Holden is no sucker. She is sitting in the cart watching all of this and realizes that she is about to miss the opportunity...she rips off both her shoes and in her cute little nasal voice starts to say "I need new shoes! I need new shoes!" in a frenzied tone...

So, here are the new kicks, courtesy of Target. I cannot believe my kid is wearing those tacky, plastic, spiderman light-up shoes. Blech. 

So I'm back at work today- and thank God for work because I'm pretty lonely. And Bennett keeps saying, "But Sam, you have made SO many friends here..." and that's true, but I'm home alone a lot. He is traveling a lot more than planned, and it's wearing on me. And I don't think he is really understanding that. Aside from the work of it- being a single mom a lot of the time- the quiet and the being stuck at home night after night will kill ya. And the hard thing is that it's hard to make yourself happy when you're really feeling down and out. I guess that's pretty obvious...but it's still true. 

Tomorrow the Ohme's are coming over, so that will be a nice distraction. And then Friday I promised Davis I would take them to Chuck E Cheese (which is the worst) but when your two best friends are four and two- you win some, you lose some. So anyway- I'm trying to be optimistic- and see the bigger perspective- but this week, frankly, I'm losing. Probably didn't help being sick either...

Anyway- the sun will come out, tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun.