Long Weekend.

So summer fridays start today at work, which means you get to leave around noon. Many places do this here; I think because summer and good weather is so brief, they try to make the most of it. I like it. Anyway- so we have some extra time because we also have Monday off for memorial day. Time off is different when you are a parent of young kids. It's definitely still appreciated and still fun, but it's not nearly as leisurely as it was before kids. There isn't much sleeping in or lazing about. And/so I, personally, like to plan things. I really like to have a balance of things to do and look forward to, while leaving enough time to relax and be spontaneous. So this weekend, here is what is on the agenda:

Tonight a couple girlfriends and I decided to get a hotel downtown and treat ourselves to a night out. Yep- GNO, Minne style. So we'll probably do a little shopping, a little day drinking, and hopefully eat some great food this evening. And I can't wait to sleep in a bit Saturday morning...but not too late because I want to have a family outing to the Farmer's Market. Saturday evening we are having the Schneiders over for dinner...then Sunday we are meeting Ellie and her family at Sea Salt. Sea Salt is the cute little restaurant by Minnehaha Falls. You can rent family-sized bikes, there are a couple playgrounds, and of course there are the falls!

Monday, we'll either pal around at home or head to Stillwater.

I'd also like to get a little bit of planting done this weekend. Honestly, first, I have to do some hoe-ing. Blech. So that's what we have planned this weekend. Next week is busy, and also Bennett will be gone again all week and weekend so I will do my best to enjoy the time we have together over the next few days. Have a good one!