What I Love Wednesday.

Time for a little positivity on the blog...

1) The pictures the beans' teachers send us. I seriously have never seen or heard of a more fun, thoughtful, and progressive school. I am so pleased they are able to go here- it's been one of the MAJOR blessings of moving here. 

That is Davis on the right- they were going on a scavenger hunt!

Because it's been so rainy this May- they've had to really be creative with indoor activities. Poor teachers!  Can you imagine being cooped up all day for so many days in a row with all these little people who just want to run around like crazy people outside? I guess Holden decided to take her shoes off and get comfy...

2) Okay, umm, what else...not a good sign that I am struggling to get to number two. But, OH! Davis has never really liked Pico, but instead he has seen him as sort of a snack stealing nemesis. Now that Pico is here though, Davis is so interested in him. Wants to walk him every night and can't understand why Pico won't sleep with him. So, they are great buds and it makes me so happy. I think Pico is still a bit wary, but hopefully Davis will grow on him. Each night when we walk him (I'm waiting to get training on the Invisible Fence) Davis giggles the entire walk. Pico is quite strong for his size and pulls Davis to the ground at least three times- luckily Davis thinks it's pretty funny (so far).

3) How sweet Davis is to Holden. He is almost too sweet. She will eat through a cookie so fast and then want some of his and he will give it to her. Or she will be ripping his book and I will get upset with her and then he will say "Mommy. Don't get mad at Holden. It's an accident..." when it's clearly NOT an accident. Last night, right before bed, we watched a little bit of "Little Einstein" on Disney and Davis and I were cuddling on the couch while Holden sat on her "lamby" chair. 

She then came over to sit with us and of course she wanted to be in between us, which Davis didn't like, so I showed him how to let her sit in between his legs. He loved it. He felt so proud that he was "holding" her and of course she ate it right up.

4) Holden is so funny these days. The other day in the car Davis said "Holden, I'm proud of you because you are a big girl..." and she looked at him and said "NO. I a baby." And I didn't think much of it, but the other day Honey also called her a big girl, to which she responded "I a baby..." and then Bennett said "No, you're not, you're a big girl, Holden..." and she puffed out her lower lip and started to tear up and said "I a baby mama. I a baby..." Girl knows what she is up to. I would want to stay a baby if I were her too.

5) We are going to Denver in June- to see Katie and Sommer and also just to have a little family getaway. We'll leave on Thursday and come back on Sunday. Quick and fun. I had planned to go because I couldn't go to Katie's wedding and I had also promised Sommer I would go see her...so when I brought it up to Bennett again he was like "Well lets all go..." so I'm really looking forward to it. And we're also going to Texas in July- for Scott's wedding and to see all our pals and family. I can't wait. I love having things to look forward to.

6) How many parks and farmers markets there are here. I can't wait to go to the farmer's market this Saturday. Also this weekend we are having the Schneiders over for dinner on Saturday (Krissy and fam) and then Ellie, her husband and daughter are coming over on Sunday for lunch/afternoon activities. Then Monday I'm thinking we should take a day trip to Stillwater, Wisconsin. We'll see.

Okay that's all I have today. TTYL.