What I Learned...

What I learned during my juice cleanse. What? You thought I said it was 3 days? I said 24 hours. Well really 27 to be exact. 

Okay fine...I quit the cleanse. I am a cleanse quitter. And I'm still processing how I feel about that. I'm being serious. Should I feel sad or guilty that I didn't do the three days? I keep thinking about all the starving kids out there and how I couldn't do a three day juice cleanse. And then the other part of me is like "Well I guess I COULD, but clearly I don't care enough to..." which is like SUCH A GLIMPSE into who I am. I know that I am capable of so many things- frankly- I don't think there is much I couldn't do...but most things I don't really care enough about. Like I really care to do a few things incredibly well- and the rest are sort of MEH. On one hand, I think this is what makes me sort of awesome- I just don't sweat the things that aren't that important to me. On the other hand, I wonder if I'm just sort of telling myself that because I really lack discipline. Or maybe it's both- I don't sweat the things I don't care enough to be disciplined about. Does that make sense? The bottom line is- if it's not interesting or important to me- I'm not going to do it. Good or bad, that is sort of who I am.

So I learned a lot during the juice cleanse...

1) Juice tastes great at first- like really great- and then when it's all you have had for 12 hours, it sort of starts to make you gag. For real. I gagged on my 4th juice- and not because the juice itself was gross- moreso because regardless of the variety of ingredients and flavor, there was this underlying dirt taste. BLECH. I knew I needed to stop before I ruined juice for myself. I mean...at one point I was just like "I'm just going to drink water for the next three days- if I have to drink another juice I am prob going to barf."

2) Hunger is no joke. It gives you a headache, it makes it hard to think, it makes it impossible to be patient, and you find yourself telling your children that they have to stop crying in the car before you have to pull over and throw up. Maybe that happened. Honestly- it was less the feeling of hunger and more the headache. By the time we left our friends' house last night (we went over to play with Brooks, Bennett, and Sarah and I hung out) my head felt like it was in a vice that was slowly being tightened with every passing minute. There was a rave happening in my head, pulsing like a live (and totally cracked out) animal. So I really need to try to do more to help people that are hungry. There is no way to be successful when you are hungry. I'm not saying my hunger is like real hunger. I'm saying my hunger is silly in comparison and I still wanted to cry because my head hurt so bad. I have no shame. 

3) Juice cleanses are a great conversation starter. I had so many funny chats with people about it yesterday. I'm sure they are all going to ask me today how it's going and I'm flipping back and forth between saying "Oh, I'm over that...life is too short. I might die tomorrow and I don't want to end my life on a cleanse..." or "Oh it's going great, guys. Highly recommend it. Don't you see my glowing skin?"

So there you go- that's what I learned. Really process it, internalize it, so you don't have to do a juice cleanse to become so wise yourself. HA. I have to run because someone is making pancakes in the kitchen downstairs. But I hope you have a great weekend! I know I will because NIKKI is coming!! I hate that the basement is a bit musky- I think the smell is creeping up through the house too- but oh well. We will have fun anyway.

Au revoir for now.