Quick Pics

My mom is coming today! And sadly, I am leaving for LA tomorrow...but I will be back Friday afternoon and we can spend all weekend together. Originally she was coming so I could go to Katie Brewerton's wedding- but her wedding is on a Sunday and Bennett will be in Vegas, so unfortunately that didn't work out. BUT, I think we will go for a weekend trip to Denver to see Katie and Sommer in June. So that will be fun. Anyway, back to the point...here are some quick pictures from this busy week.


After. Can't really see his hair here, but as you can see by his smile, that is a happy customer. :-)

On the way home one day from school- with mousey, blanky and the dirtiest Kitty you've ever seen. She is really into taking these things with her lately...poor Kitty is running out of stuffing.

photo 4 (41) copy.jpg

They were giving away cow hats at Chik-Fil-A last night...this was very exciting. Especially for Holden, who kept hers on the rest of the night.

Okay that's all I have this week. More Monday.