Weekend Fun.

As mentioned, we went to the Minnesota Wild playoff game vs. the Chicago Blackhawks. I am obsessed with hockey. It's so fun. Before the game, we tried out this place called "Smack Shack" and had lobster guacamole and boiled shrimp, corn, etc. Such a cute restaurant and so good...

I don't know why this picture is so grainy- but you get the point- we were having a lot of fun at the game! Go WILD! It was an awesome back and forth game- only we beat them, 4 to 2. Boom.

Then Saturday we hung around the house until it was time for the kids' spring fling at school. It's a giant party with rides and disney characters and we signed Holden up for the tea party with Anna and Elsa from Frozen. It was the highlight of her existence to date, for sure. We also brought our neighbor, Jackson. His mom is single and we thought it might give her a chance to do something fun or even just get something done for goodness sakes. 

Dang. I have more pictures but for some reason, they are being rotated to the side as I put them in...so maybe more of the party tomorrow. Anyway, then yesterday, we started the day at Edina Urgent Care because seriously, those people might get lonely if we weren't there so much. :-/ Did I tell you that when I went in to check on Davis clearing his throat, they said he had strep? Weirdest thing ever because the kid said he felt fine and was acting fine...anyway- yes he had strep so he's been on antibiotics and then Saturday after the party, Holden started acting fussy and unlike herself. So sunday we took her in and she had strep too. But here's the amazing thing- they gave her a shot instead of antibiotics, and within 8 hours she was NOT contagious and she already seems to be better today. Amazing.

But before that, I woke up to Eggs Benedict by Bennett- so GOOD! And the boys picked out some black patent HUNTER rain boots for me- which have already come in handy as it rained all of last night! What a fun gift, and what a fun day we had. We went for an early dinner/late lunch at 4:00 and sat outside, which was really nice...

Oh and Davis got his first Nerf gun. We've had a lot of talks about it and how it differs from a real gun- and how real guns are not toys. And they're not safe and we don't play with them for goodness sakes. This one is pretty fun, actually...it sticks to walls. I think the highlight of the weekend, for me, was either breakfast, or sitting by Lake Nancy last night throwing "corns" into the lake last night. (Pinecones = corns when you are Holden Eloise). Or when Davis asked me yesterday when it was going to be "Kid's Day"?

So this week is busy...my car is in the shop this morning. Something keeps causing the battery to die- and it's not the battery itself, so hopefully the guys at Wally's can figure that out...tonight Bennett has improv, tomorrow night we are going to try to go watch my agency's softball team play, and then Wednesday Honey gets here, then Thursday I have to go to L.A. for 24 hours, then Friday we're taking Honey out for mother's day, then Saturday Bennett leaves for Vegas, then Sunday, Honey heads home. ZOINKS.

Good thing I went to bed at like 8:00 last night...

Have a great day!