Sam's Secrets.

Okay so today is sort of like "a few of my favorite things" but more actionable. These are either things, brands, events, or organizations that I have tried, or would like to try in the near future. Hopefully you will enjoy...and maybe even try one or two yourself and let me know what you think.

STITCH FIX: If you feel like you keep shopping at the same few places and want to add a little flavor to your closet with some things you might not typically find on your own, try Stitch Fix. Essentially, you go online, fill out your fashion profile, articulate how much you want to spend, what size you need, what types of things you are looking for (dress, casual, party), what your style is (bohemian, classic, grunge- ha) and pay $20 and someone hand picks items for you and sends them your way. 

This is my first fix- I got five items in January. I kept one of them- though I liked a couple shirt would have been so perfect had it been two inches longer, etc. So, I definitely want to do it again because they were all brands and things I never would have found on my own. Each time you do it, the items sent become more accurate because you can give feedback after each fix. Also- if you buy all five items, you get 25% off so it can be a pretty good deal. Oh, and if you don't like any of it, you just send it back and you are only out your original $20.

The site is still in beta- so you are basically in the know early, if you try now.

FABLETICS: So Kate Hudson just started her own line of workout wear. What can't she do? Well, I haven't tried this yet, but I'm about to, so I'll keep you posted on what I think. Here is why I want to try it- the outfits are simple and colorful and for your first purchase, you get to pick out a 2 piece outfit for $25 and you get free shipping. WHAT? I know- that sounds like a pretty good deal to me...but it IS a membership. So basically, you pay $25 for your first outfit and then every month after they send you a new two piece workout outfit for $50. You can choose not to keep it, though, so still seems like you have options. I think this would be great for say my sister, who has NOT missed a day of working out in the last 10 years. I'm not exaggerating. Isn't that amazing? are some examples of the outfits.

If you try it before I do, let me know how it works out.

Wet Brush: Jodie turned us on to this at the beach. Your hair may be disgustingly tangled or straw like from staying in a resort without conditioner for four days, but it doesn't matter, this brush will effortlessly slide through your hair like a dream. I sound like an informercial- but it's that good. My mom used to always tell us to use a comb on wet hair- never a brush- so she would love this. LOOK, no breakage, mom! (You can just google this and order it on Amazon- or they probably have it at a beauty supply store)

Arbonne: Okay, admittedly my skin has been breaking out like I am 16 lately...but i believe this is because I just tried a new birth control. Prior to that, my skin has felt like silk...all because of the Arbonne cleansing kit. It's kind of pricey- but I think it's pretty amazing. I wonder how it compares to Rodan & Fields. If someone wants to send me a sample kit- I will do a comparison. ;-) Just saying...

Birchbox: I just gave my sister a subscription to Birchbox for her birthday- basically she will get a box each month full of hair/skin/perfume/makeup samples from high end brands...the idea is to give people the opportunity to try new products and then once they find a few they like- they can just buy those in full size moving forward. I think she likes it- but I will keep you posted as she gets her 2nd and 3rd box. They have branched into other areas too- so might be worth checking those out as well.

Blitz Deal Sites: Okay, there are a million of those sites that provide great deals on certain things for a short period of time. The few that I have tried and like include: Zulily, Rue La La and One King's Lane. 

Zulily is GREAT for kid's clothes- I get so many name brand things there for such a steal and I also love trying their international brands to find more unique stuff for Davis and Holden. The only downer is that their business model makes it so that it takes FOREVER to get your stuff. So if you need it quickly (like sooner than six weeks) don't bother. For example, I ordered Holden some summer shoes from them last week because I plan to get them mid to late May.

Rue La La is a new favorite for me- designer clothes, shoes, accessories on the cheap(er). I just ordered a pair of pink suede peep toe wedges that are to die for. They were $55 instead of almost $100. The shipping was quick and once you make one order- you get free shipping on any other orders for the next 30 days. 

And then One King's Lane is really great for unique home items.  They have everything from specialty candles on a discount to great pieces of furniture, art, etc. that you feel like you could only find in New York or L.A. 

So there you have it- those are all my secrets...or at least the ones I can think of right now. Let me know if you try any of them...would love to hear your feedback. 

Oh and don't forget my recent post on Warby Parker. I just got my five glasses in- maybe I'll take some pictures and ask for your opinion.

And for those of you who don't care about any of this stuff- here are some pictures of Davis at school. The first is from his visit to a nursing home last week, and the other is of his latest favorite thing to do: build cities...

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