Silly Beans.

Oh how I missed my silly beans! Yesterday, after figuring out my whole car situation (it died while I was in Mexico- I think I left a light on) we went to have dinner at Whole Foods. Holden saw all the sushi and demanded that we get some- so that is what I had for dinner and she even tried a bite. Amazing...considering Davis has eaten only one meal at Whole Foods ever: a slice of pepperoni pizza and a strawberry yogurt. Anyway, here are a few pictures of them on the way there and in the cart.

Cart monster! Davis ate an apple and Holden ate a tomato, like it was an apple. Just like me.

It's nice to be switching to a lighter jacket- especially when your lighter jacket has teddy bear ears. I love her smile.

But don't be confused- girlfriend can be tough too. She put Davis' mask from Mexico on, put her arms out like that and started making a growling noise. I love that she is both girly and fierce! She can go from a ruffled dress to superhero underwear in 60 seconds. Versatile.

Last night was so nice out- Bennett and Davis played/worked outside until about 8:30. I think it actually becomes more bearable to do yard work when you've been cooped up all winter...I certainly can't wait to plant flowers. And I think this year I'm going to do a vegetable garden too! I can't wait until the Farmers Markets start up too...endless corn, come July. I plan to be outside literally ALL summer and to eat fresh vegetables every day. 

So, switching tunes a bit, on Thursday I go to Austin for the weekend to help host Courtney's baby shower. I am so excited- like counting the minutes excited...but I'm also nervous. I've gotten to such a good place here and I don't want to feel homesick again. I hope that I can have a blast and be reminded of what amazing friends I have there- but also feel confident that for right now- I am where I'm supposed to be. We'll see, I guess. 

Anyway- that's all I have to say today. Tomorrow- look for a blog post on some great new brands, programs, resources, etc that I have either tried or want to try. Nikki was telling me this weekend that I need to post things like this more often- I was telling her about a few things- and so while it might be old news to some of you- hopefully some of you will try some new things! Or at least like hearing about them. 

Happy Tuesday! Oh and one more thing- happy birthday to my main girl, Jodie! I have the best friend, godmother, example, dance partner in her! I am so thankful. She is such a gift of joy and encouragement. A perfect paradox of grace and spunk, that Jodie. Happy birthday, I love you!