Words of the Weekend.

Self Awareness.

20 Questions.

Wet Brush.

Blurred Lines.

Vodka Tonic.

Hola mis amigos! I am back from Mexico- just barely- I thought about staying, except that I had these sweet faces to come back to (plus Bennett's). 

We had the very best time in Mexico...3 days of sun, sand, drinks and great conversations. Nikki and my mom got there Wednesday night and Jodie and I flew in to meet each other at the Cancun airport on Thursday. The only kink in the whole weekend was that the server was done at Customs in the Cancun airport. It was hot and PACKED with people. Jodie and I had to stand in an unmoving line for about an hour- but we were lucky considering some of the people in front of us had been standing there for FOUR HOURS. There is nothing more frustrating than being just moments from the beach, but instead being stuck in a stuffy room not knowing whether anyone is even addressing the technological problem. And of course my mind went to the extreme and I was picturing myself in a Hurricane Katrina situation- like stuck in the Astrodome, sleeping on a cot, fending off food thieves and rapists. I know. That is crazy...but anyway- it wasn't a big deal in the end.

We stayed in the most beautiful resort. I sort of thought we would be near Cancun, but we didn't even see Cancun. We were about 45 minutes up the beach. It was so lovely- I would recommend the place to singles, couples, families. We had a blast. Here are a few pictures, though I didn't take many. I didn't want to bring my phone around all day...and I didn't have any type of service anyway...so I only snapped a few. Nikki has more, which I will hopefully get later.

The infinity pool was amazing...and the ocean water was the most lovely shade of light aqua which seemed to change abruptly after about 20 feet to a beautiful sapphire/navy blue. It was gorgeous. A little bit different than Port A...not that I'm knocking Port A. :-)

It was heavenly. And while I was gone- it snowed 6 inches, then it melted, and then it hit the 60s. And we thought Texas weather was crazy. Bennett and the kids seemed to have a great time- I'm so thankful for that. They played outside and invited Bennett's friend Josh, and his son, Maverick over...Bennett said Maverick and Davis were a perfect pair. Also- Team Canada won in a landslide victory on Saturday! (Davis' soccer team) so they celebrated with a trip to Little Pete's.

I brought Davis a Mexican wrestler mask that he brought to school this morning to show off. And we got Holden a little metallic purse made of gum wrappers. She ADORES it. I will have to get a picture. She carried it to school on her arm and wouldn't even let me carry her to the door because she wanted people to see her walking in with it. She didn't have anything to put in it- so she stuffed this monkey that is way too big for it halfway in.

I swear she looks like she grew six months' worth while I was gone. I can't even take it.

Okay- so gotta catch up at work. More later! Have a great week! 

P.S. it's supposed to hit 70 here on Wednesday. Get ready- the beautiful season is here.