Weird Things.

I'm starting a three day juice cleanse tomorrow. Yes! Finally. I think I started thinking/talking about doing this about a year ago and it's finally happening. I'm a little ridiculously excited about it- I will probably hate myself at the end of 24 hours with nothing to eat and only juices and water to drink. But my friend did one last year and couldn't stop talking about how great she felt- and she isn't one of those people that are always exaggerating things like how they feel after a juice cleanse- so I'm like super curious to experience this. I got the box today...and I know this is silly too, but the packaging is really nice and the juices are such lovely colors. For all I know it could be water, food coloring and a few chia seeds...I'd still be jazzed.

I was supposed to start yesterday- I had it timed perfectly with Nikki's arrival- but it got here a day late and so it will carry over into Saturday. But lets be honest, if anyone would understand weird dietary needs- it's my sister. And I'll be able to eat real food again Saturday night- just have to follow the cleanse with three days of eating clean.

Another weird thing is that all of the sudden Davis is clearing his throat NON-STOP. Like it has hit a frenzied frequency...maybe every 10 seconds while he is awake. Like something is tickling his throat. And we ask him if it hurts or if something is tickling his throat and he says he is just coughing. I guess if it keeps up we'll have to take him to the doctor? I mean- I don't know what else to do. It doesn't happen while he is sleeping- so I don't know if that makes me feel better or worse...

A third weird thing is that not only was this winter the COLDEST in decades- but I was notified today that it is also the RAINIEST in Minnesota since 1871. Seriously. I get it Minnesota. You win.

And finally- not weird- but cute. Holden loved playing with this helmet and football yesterday...while Davis and the neighbor kid, Jackson, played together. They are about six months apart and since it's gotten warmer, they've been playing at each other's houses lately- it reminds me of being little in Sioux Falls, running up and down the street, going from one friend's house to another. I hope my kids have awesome childhood memories. I do- and I'm thankful for them. Anyway- here is the picture.

P.S. I really miss my grandparents lately. I wish I could just drive over tomorrow and spend the day with them. Can't wait until we have a good amount of time in July. That Scott better realize how much we love him- planning our trip home at the most MISERABLE time of the year. It's still Texas though, right? Never THAT miserable...