April Showers...

Bring May Flowers? Perhaps. Apparently they also bring flooded basements. It has been raining for days- cats and dogs- not light, intermittent rains. And our basement is flooded. There is standing water in the laundry and storage room, the carpet is soaked in our downstairs closet, and you can now see hundreds of soggy footprints all over the main area. 

And it's sort of a nightmare. Mainly for the owners, I feel so bummed out for them because I think it's a foundation problem. I'm not an expert (are you surprised?) but it's definitely not coming from the windows, and it's all over the floors. But also for us because I think they will have to rip up the carpet and get all the water out and where do we put all our stuff? I know, first world problems, but kind of a drag. The crazy thing is- Bennett has been so amped about buying that house- living in it while we're here so we're not throwing money away on rent- and then renting later...but that is now off the table. 

And if I am honest, I feel a little bummed by the whole situation, like now in my mind the whole house is totally shoddy. Nikki and I hate shoddy things. And if something starts to feel even a little shoddy- blech- we're done with it. A bit extreme, I know, but I'm just reporting my feelings here. 

Also- I don't know if it's because my throat hurts or because it's been so gloomy and wet and cold for so many days- but I'm feeling a bit down. Not severely...but enough to notice. I mean- Thursday is May 1st and so help me- if we are not a bit further up the thermometer, I might go postal. POSTAL.

But, we did have a good weekend...it's amazing how much you can do in a weekend with little kids...like I'm amazed every Monday morning when I download pics from my phone from the weekend and there are about 30. I try to spread them out over the week- but really- there are a lot. Here are a few.

Holden went with me to get my car washed and vacuumed, so we walked over to sit at Chili's while we waited. She had lemonade and did some coloring. She LOVES to color. And she refuses to sit in a booster- so she almost fell off her seat about 10 times, but surprisingly never really did fall. She is STUBBORN. I'm starting to notice a trend in this family- and I have NO IDEA where they get it???

We went on a bike/wagon ride to the park on Saturday before the rains began. About halfway there, Davis got sick of riding his bike, and Holden got sick of riding in the wagon- so we all walked for about 1/2 a mile with both kids screaming their brains out. You would have thought we were chopping their toes off instead of taking them to the park. Geez. When we finally got there, it was bliss for them. Kids love parks, man. It's pretty awesome to watch.

Then on Sunday, I went to get some groceries, and while at Target, I picked up an easel and some paints. We've been wanting to do that for a while, but never got around to it, and recently Davis asked if he could have some paints. This is shocking because Davis usually hates arts & crafts...so of course I wanted to encourage this new interest. They had SO much fun painting. It was such a hit on a really rainy day. 

photo 1 (58) copy.jpg

Sometimes you have to taste the paint. Just to see what it tastes like.

And Davis really did paint. And he also did wear clothes this weekend- but the camera won't prove it. All I could capture was him wielding a sword in his underwear. 

Bennett and I also went out in Northeast Minneapolis on Saturday night for a friend's birthday party- it was really fun. We went to this dive bar known for it's Match Game trivia and Drunk Spelling Bee (which of course I cannot wait to dominate) and then hit up a cute bar called The Knight Cap.

And Bennett went to Improv last night. Remember how I signed him up? He didn't get home till midnight because he was out having beers with his newfound friends, so I think that's a success, right? Hope you are having a good Tuesday.