What I Love Wednesday.

1) That we are doing a mini-makeover in Davis' room. We have completed phase 1, and there are two more to come...I am actually hoping one or both of the things we are waiting on is on my front step when I get home today. He is so excited...it's been really fun talking about how it will be such a big boy room. Okay fine, here's a teaser, we put this great dresser together Friday night. It is sooo cute - looks kind of like a slick red tool box. My husband is so cute too. :-)

2) How much Holden's vocabulary and speaking ability has grown- she is now stringing together sentences left and right and she has the sweetest little voice- it kills me every time she talks. She says things like "Mommy come outside and play with me too?" and "I want you sit in my lap." and "Can I watch Pozen (Frozen) too?" All her "Ps" are "Fs" which is super cute and she ends 9 out of 10 sentences with "too". 

I introduced her to Care Bears this weekend on my iPad while trying to keep the kids separate- she loved it- but doesn't understand how delicate the iPad is, so we'll give her a shot at it again when she gets a little bigger.

3) Spring in the Midwest- it's truly so beautiful right now. The birds chirp and the breeze dances and the green jumps off the grass everywhere you look.

5) All the amazing business models that have popped up that allow you not only to purchase something you need or want, but also give back to people in need. You know I love Noonday, but here are a few other products from lines that are built entirely around supporting people in poverty.

This is by JOYN and you can either buy it on their site or through Tom's Marketplace.

This Stone & Cloth railroad stripe backpack. Also available on their site or Tom's Marketplace.

Chooze Shoes. Are they the cutest, or what? Each shoe is different from the other- so they are funky and adorable, but each purchase also gives to those in poverty. If you are going to buy shoes for your kids- why not these?

What a super cute gift this headband would make! 

So yeah it's awesome that you can find everything from glasses to coffee to shoes to backpacks to homegoods to accessories to beer (Finnegans) to nail polish that give back. And they are also ALL great design- which is the best part. There is really no excuse- it's a Win win!

6) That Nikki called me yesterday and told me she had found a really great flight to come see us next weekend! Yahoo!

7) That this morning in bed, Davis told me the sweetest story...okay, he first annoyed me to no end by saying things like "Can I tell you something?" and then the something would be like: "I need a drink of water" or "My toe itches..." and then he said "Can I tell you something?" and though annoyed, I luckily said yes. He then said, so quietly and sweetly "The other day at school during nap time, Mrs. F told me to mind my business and it made me want to cry." Now I know Mrs. F and I love her, so I just said "You know, sometimes people say things when they are frustrated and they don't mean to hurt your feelings...but it still does. Mrs. F loves you and you probably needed to listen and focus on yourself, but I'm sorry that hurt your feelings..." How sweet is he?

8) Coming in to work yesterday to find four tickets to an upcoming Twins game lying on my desk. They are playing the Rangers- oooh- who will I root for???

9) My friend Rachel surprising me with two CDs of both local and non-local music. So. Many. Good. Songs. And such a reprieve from listening to KidzBop. BLECH.

10) That we have a fun couple weekends ahead: this weekend we are going to a bday party on Saturday, then having some friends over on  Sunday, next weekend Nikki is coming, and then we have a double dinner date on the 10th, and then my mom is coming on the 14th. BUSY BUSY BEES!

Have a great day!