He is Risen!

A lot of things didn't happen on Easter this year- we didn't go to church, we didn't dye eggs, and we only hid 1-2 easter eggs filled with candy for the kids to find. Davis came home sick on Wednesday and had a fever through the weekend. I thought it was the same bug that Bennett had and I kept making sure by asking if his ears or his throat hurt- he said "No" every time. Finally on Sunday morning, we took him to Urgent Care and when the doctor looked she said "His ears are full, his throat is horrible, it must be strep." I felt horrible for not taking him sooner. Anyway- it didn't end up being strep- or at least the quick test came back negative- but he is on meds for his ears and throat. I can tell he feels better already. So anyway- the day didn't go as we planned- but we did have a lot of fun and we did talk a lot about Easter.

It's really crazy how Christmas is the BIG holiday. And Easter is just sort of a small one. Sure, Jesus' birth is important, and I get that it is cool that he was born of a virgin. But EASTER, people, is the day He rose from the dead! It's insane. So Bennett and I were talking a lot about that- and how backwards we have it- and also about how interesting it is that while many people don't believe in the stories or the "religion" of Jesus...they all acknowledge that a man named Jesus lived. And that He changed the way we live, centuries later, around the world. And I also think it's so interesting that even the Romans acknowledge that he died and that his body was never found. History, people. Anyway, Bennett asked me what Easter meant to be and my first response was "Hope." If it wasn't for Easter, everything would be for nothing. We would be doomed to ourselves and our stupid human ideas, and we would have no hope.

Anyway, in the same vein, my sister shared this cool article about Kurt Vonnegut, who is an author that I love, and I really think it's cool how he talks about Jesus even though he doesn't believe. You can read that article HERE...

So anyway, here is what we did during this long weekend:

Went to TARGET!

Ate pizza at Target! Okay, you're probably thinking this is a lame choice for dinner, and it is...but here is the truth...we're having a really hard time getting Davis to eat. Like anything. So when he says he is hungry for pizza at Target, we high tail it to Target and get the dang pizza, and fruit, and chocolate milk.

Of course Holden is reaping the benefits of Davis' food selectivity. And they didn't have to share chocolate milk this time because Davis is/was sick, so she was quite pleased to have her own and oh she would howl if you tried to touch it, even if she was about to tip the whole thing down her shirt for goodness sakes. Bossypants.

Watched Frozen. Sang "Let it go" and "For the first time in foreber" because children are helpless against the powers of this Disney movie...

We also played Doctor...

And Samurai. Sick Samurai, really. He was running at about 35%.

Decided the potty should be a port-a-potty...and practiced going...or at least sitting.

While watching FROZEN.

Built a little picnic table. Davis was so excited about this project and did a great job building...

photo 2 (53) copy.jpg

Holden did a great job of using the aforementioned picnic table. She is eating raisins and watching for ducks in this picture.

Did a little coloring in the playroom...

And we enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL weather on  Sunday. Seriously gorgeous. I will share more of our outdoor adventure pictures tomorrow! Gotta spread out the visual fun. Anyway- I hope you had a great weekend and you feel the gift of Hope that was given to us through the events of Easter.