Captain Underpants...

And his trusty sidekick, Holden Eloise. As you can tell from the pictures on my blog, Davis loves to wear nothing but his underwear. In fact, I think if we let him, he would wear nothing but a smile...but we require underwear for obvious social and hygiene purposes. Anyway, he walks in the front door each day, takes off his coat, kicks off his boots, and then strips down to his skivvies. But recently, he has inspired similar actions from his sister. She is both more interested in the potty (or at least sitting on it for 30 minutes while reading a book) and in doing whatever her brother now we have many pictures like this:

Pasty little people in their superhero undies. Of course you have to get a couple like this next one, before you get a shot with both kids smiling. Davis loves to hug on her- she puts up with it on occasion.

And then here are a few shots of Davis in his Brick Buddiez class. Look at that smile- he loves it.

Happy Wednesday. Not sure if I'll post while gone in Mexico- but I'll definitely do a recap after. Shout out to my grandrents for keeping Pico while everyone is gone. He's about to move to Minne in April...that will be an adventure.