1 for Davis.

Well before we get to Davis- HERE is a sweet little video of Holden. Her teachers sent me this, saying that she really gets into this "I like driving in my truck" song. Especially the honking part, as you can see. (Click on "HERE" in the first line and turn up your volume, nanny and grandpa).

Okay, so back to Davis. I have had an upset stomach ever since Friday night. I thought maybe it was just nerves about flying or something, but it has stuck with me even until today. Then yesterday, Bennett came home from work and fell asleep on the couch until about 9. I could tell he wasn't feeling well...something is up. He thinks it might be the flu- so we'll see. I hope not.

Anyway- to the point. After I put Holden to bed, I decided to take Davis to Barnes & Noble to pick out some new books. Davis doesn't like to read. And I want him to love to read. I want everyone to love to read...so I thought maybe if he picked some books he was interested in, he would want to read. He was all jazzed to go, but then when he got there, he was completely uninterested in the books, and completely obsessed with this Angry Birds game. In his defense, he has been asking for an Angry Birds game for quite a while after seeing one on EvanTube, so when he saw it in person, the obsession increased exponentially.

After much pleading...what did we walk out with? The Angry Birds game. I totally caved. And he was soooo sweet and so thankful. He kept saying "I am so happy I got that angry birds game. Thank you mama for letting me get it. I almost wasn't gonna get it but then you let me get it. I'm so happy..."

And he played with it until bed last night and again before school this morning. Essentially you build these little block set ups and then you spring launch a bird to knock it all down- just like the app. So, while I will still push and encourage him to read, I think the reality is that if it isn't hands on- it's going to be of less interest to Davis. Hmmph.

Anyway, it was a fun night together. I always love getting a little one on one time with each of them. I loved holding Davis' hand across the parking lot, and hearing him challenge me to a skipping race back to the car. He is so sweet. I adore him. This morning, he walked into our room and said "Good morning mommy and daddy. I'm going to go check on Holden and see why she is crying..." then he walked into her room and said "Holden, why are you crying? It's me, your big brother..." Ha.

And here is a little pic of Holden, having a slice of pizza at Target. 

Also, all the ice is off Lake Nancy, so I was standing by the sink having a glass of water last night and I couldn't help but notice how stunning and bright the moon was, reflecting off the water. I snapped this pic, though it's hard to capture...I had no idea it was a "blood moon". Whatever that is. I just thought it looked so cool. I am getting so spoiled. Who wants to just have grass in their backyard when you can have a lake?

photo (20) copy.jpg

And then one more little share- I rarely ever buy kitchen-y type things, but I found this on sale today and purchased it online. I can't wait to put it on my table...it's funny how these little things make me feel like i am helping spring arrive. Mind over matter, I always say.

Okay, peace out. That's all I have for now. More tomorrow.