Bonjour Bebe.

I'm back from Austin, and I had the BEST time ever, which of course I am excited about...but what I am most excited about is that I am not TEXAS-SICK. I was so worried I would go there and never want to come back- but honestly- I don't feel that way. I don't know what that means- probably just that I mentally prepared to enjoy myself while I was there and just take it exactly for what it was- a great weekend and a sweet celebration. I feel very lucky that I am able to continue to take part in things there that are special to me, but I didn't feel sad that I didn't live least not right now. So I think that is a little victory.

Don't get me wrong- I miss my people a ton. It's amazing how good it feels to be with the people that really KNOW you. I am so thankful for that. And there will be a time when I get to spend my time with them's just not right now. And that's fine. I think it also helps that we will get to spend a full week there this summer. We are going at the WORST time (end of July) but it's when my best bud Scott is getting married and I wouldn't miss that for the world. Plus we'll get to meet Baby Barry! Yahoo. So speaking of, our shower was a Parisian affair...and it ended up being quite lovely. 

Here are the hostesses- from left to right: Meredith, Katie, Holly, Courtney, Brooke, me and Carrie. It's funny because I think of those girls as my Austin friends- but really most of her hostesses flew or drive in from Dallas, Midland, Temple, and of course: Minneapolis. 

Can't have a Paris appropriate party without chocolate croissants and colorful macarons, right?

I know it's the most simple idea- but I was OBSESSED with having people guess the gender by choosing a blue or coral straw. Like OBSESSED. At the end of the shower, more of the coral ones were gone- so there you go! I had a blue one in my drink...but I think Courtney is hoping for pink. We'll see, I suppose.

On Friday night, we ate at Olive & June. My friend Brooke heads up the event planning there, so we always get a great table and a friends and family discount...which is nice because we end up drinking so much wine. They have one of the best patios in Austin if you ask me...and that was really my only requirement when my girlfriends asked where I wanted to eat. That, and well, my favorite Mexican food restaurant has closed down. WHAT??? I shed a single tear for the enchiladas verde at Vivo. RIP.

That's a happy smile from me. I can tell...

Nikki came by for a drink which was so fun. Only got one pic- someone's eyes HAD to be closed, right? Usually I guess it's something in our genes.

There is a Texas smell. Or maybe an Austin smell. And every time I breathed in, I FELT home. I love that. I could even tell when we crossed over the state line on Thursday night. I snapped this picture- and this is without a filter. I thought to myself- that's a TEXAS sunset. Only Texas can deliver that.

photo (19) copy.jpg

And then last night, as I was sitting down to read for a bit, I looked out our front window and saw this (also no filter): 

And I couldn't help but think it was Minnesota's way of saying it was ready to compete. 

I hope you had a great weekend too! I'm so thrilled to be back with my little family!