Snuffys and Springtime.

Oh my goodness, it was 75 degrees yesterday and absolutely heavenly. Holden was quite thrilled to wear some of her new spring clothes. I had to force her to put a sweater over her sleeveless tunic before school because it was still in the 40s. Her teacher gave her piggy tails- I don't know how they get her to agree to it and sit still! 

I think she is as cute as a button- but I AM her mom! Okay so Tuesday after school, Bennett went to hit some balls before he plays a round the day before he is watching the MASTERS. I told you, he's really fancy these days...sitting at the 9th hole in Augusta. Anyway, I decided to take the kids to Snuffy's because I wanted to do something fun with them and we haven't been there in forever. We had a blast. I know Davis looks so somber in these pics, but just trust me, he was a total gigglebee there. He just gets annoyed with my incessant picture taking, which I get, but I clearly don't let it stop me. I have a blog to write.

And Miss Holden...girlfriend was pushing her limits. She does NOT want to sit in a high chair anymore, which is fine with me, as long as she SITS in her seat. Every time I would ask her to sit down, she would frown, look at me and say "NO NO MAMA..." TROUBLE. Anyway- we had a blast overall.

Oh, and I got a haircut over lunch yesterday! Love it. And I know it's cheesy but I love how my natural hair color is just like Holden's. :-) 

ALSO, YES MY FACE IS PEELING. KIND OF GROSS...but I forgot sunscreen on my forehead and nose one day and that's what you get. At least I don't have the raccoon eyes like I did the first day. TTYL.