What I Love Friday.

1) What a great daddy Bennett is. Tuesday night after we finished making brownies, Bennett was sitting with Davis, working with him on writing letters. 

2) Experiencing a new view. This is a shot from one of my office windows. 

3) That this time next week I will be in Mexico, sipping margaritas with my mom, Nikki and Jodie.

4) This picture of us from September. I just love it...the green grass, the lake in the background...

5) This cute little print I ordered for Courtney's shower...she doesn't read my blog regularly...don't worry! Girlfriend is too busy these days, working, planning a move, being pregnant, etc. 

6) That yesterday was a gray rainy day- not just because I love the occasional rainy day- but because when it rains, it means it's too warm to snow. That's progress, my friends. (This picture was taken on the street in front of my office- sorry it's small)

7) That I was invited to go "up north" with some girls from work in May. Everyone goes "up north" all the time during the spring, summer (especially) and the fall- it's basically where all the lakes and cabins are. I can't wait. This picture is the perfect example of why people stick it out through the winters here- it's GLORIOUS in the other seasons.

8) Clementines. Cuties. Halos. Whatever you call them- the cute little mini tangerine orange thingies. When Kirsten was here she was sort of grossed out by how many we go through over a weekend. They are, in fact, the perfect snack. 

9) That Bennett and I are going to see the Broadway musical "Once" next week in downtown Minne, the night before I go to Mexico. I have been watching the ads on TV, thinking "I bet that is amazing..." I never thought we would go, though. So, I am super thrilled.

10) That if you will let Him, God will put you right where you need to be, when you need to be there. Amen and THANK YOU JESUS! (said with a southern drawl) HA.