Last night was a really fun Tuesday night. We decided to make brownies, and Davis and Holden were so into it. They love to pour things in and stir and of course be the taste testers along the way.

These people did so much taste testing that we actually had to make another batch so we could fill the pan. Holden was so insistent to get every last bite, she was literally licking the countertop. I had to carry her away and the whole while she shouted "Mo BOWNIES! MO BOWNIES!"

I told Bennett we should nickname her Meatball. He loves it- and then I was like "I'm just kidding- you cannot call her meatball- it's cute now but it won't be so cute in a couple years..." HA.

So yesterday I took Davis to the doctor, to do a 3 month check in since he has been on his ADHD meds. Everything went well and we are so thankful that the medicine is helping him focus. Not only is it easier on his teachers and us, he is so much happier and he feels more successful.

Yesterday morning he was being so sweet and he kept saying things like "I love you mommy. And I love my family. How many people are in my family? Lets count them." So we did...and then we kept talking and he said. "I like it here mom. I like it here better than Texas..."

I asked him why and he said "Because of the pool at the YMCA..." I said "Really? Is that why?" To which he responded. Well, I like Texas the same, but if we moved back to Texas, I couldn't go to my new school anymore, and I love my new school. Can we just stay here a while longer and then go back to Texas?"

Pretty insightful little guy. 

I said "Yep, we can stay here a while longer before we go back to Texas. I'm so glad you love your school..." and I really am. It made my heart swell.