Laissez les bons temps rouler.

That's French for "Let the Good Times Roll..." in case you didn't know. And that is what we did this weekend. Friday night, I worked late, as I mentioned, we are pitching a new piece of business tomorrow (Monday) so we had a few run throughs after work. One great thing about working for a company who represents a beer brand is that the beer is almost always flowing- so don't feel so bad for me for having to work late. Anyway- when I got home- we had so much fun playing in the basement. Bennett was the dragon, Holden was the princess and Davis worked his hardest to save her from the fiery dragon's grips- I think both Davis and Bennett ended up with some battle wounds.

Then Saturday we had Davis soccer game and this time I told him that if he would play the whole game- we could go to Little Pete's Bakery afterwards and he and Holden could get donuts. He did so well- and Holden sat by me on the floor and jumped and cheered for Davis and Brooks! Davis played goalie for the first time and that just might be his thing- he stopped three balls! I think he sort of liked hanging around in the net more than running running running. It was the end of the game, so I don't blame him. 

That afternoon, Holden decided not to take a nap...but she laid in there and chatted and sang for at least an hour and a half. I wondered what she was doing, but Bennett and I were too busy watching our new show: Orange is the New Black on Netflix to go check on the situation right away. When Bennett finally walked in- it was clear what she had been up to that whole time...ripping one of Davis' favorite books to shreds. She was SO thrilled with herself. And the more we said "No ma'am...we don't rip our books..." she grinned. She is going to be a tough one. Davis, on the other hand, does not like anyone reprimanding his baby sister...the more we gave her a hard time, the more he was like "Holden, it's okay you ripped my book. It was an accident. I'm okay with it..." He is SO sweet to her.

Saturday afternoon Bennett and Davis went to see Frozen at the movie theater while Holden and I ran errands for my midnight in Paris get together...which was such a success, by the way. 6 girls and one guy came over and we had SO much fun laughing and talking and drinking French Kiss cocktails from 7:30 until about midnight. We had so much cheese and wine and laughed about how everyone brought a baguette.

Literally everyone brought a baguette...

Here is a picture of the table- but I forgot to take one after it was full of all of the amazing food people brought. One girl brought homemade quiche lorraine, another brought crepes, another brought a cheese called "peppered ass". Yes, really.

Those are maps of the Paris metro system under all the trays and cutting boards. This picutre stinks- but the set up and ambience were very magical. I highly recommend "French Cafe" on Pandora. Anyway- back to the point. My first get together at my house was a hit. Everyone laughed really hard- which is how I measure a good get together.

So that was Saturday and then Sunday, as mentioned, I had to do some work and Bennett had tickets with some work friends to go to the Timberwolves game. But before all of that, Bennett and the beans had some fun playing outside. 

Yep, I guess in Minneapolis in March, if you're going to be outside mowing, you're going to be mowing SNOW. Ha. At first it was Davis who asked if they could play outside so I figured Holden would stay inside with me...but girlfriend was NOT about to be left behind. She went straight for her jacket on and started shouting "Jacket ON! Jacket ON! Holden go OUTside!" And I was impressed, they both stayed out there for a long time...

Anyway, it was a great weekend...and I am thankful.