In Pictures.

A snapshot of the last 4-5 days in pictures...

Davis working on his "adment calendar". It's literally the first thing he does each morning- which is why you see him working on it in our bed. He gets up, goes to get it, and brings it into our room to confirm that he is opening the right day.

Davis in action at gymnastics. He really likes gymnastics and is excited to be in the big gym next time around. But he is so anti-girl right now (a feeling I am having a hard time with- though he always tells me this does not include me or Holden) that he watches the big kids after his class and says things like "I didn't see many boys out there, mom. I just see lots of girls. Is this for girls?"

Holden and I playing cars on Saturday. We were pretending that Spiderman was the mechanic. See those bags and boxes in the background? I made Davis go through his toys, find the ones he isn't using anymore and pack them up for Goodwill. He was a really good sport about it.

After his haircut on Thursday night, last week. Looking sharp!

Holden playing at school. I'm so happy her little snow suit still fits this year. And girlfriend picks a new hat to wear each day- she loves her hats. :-)

Picking out a tree on Saturday. We finally put it up last night- tonight we'll do lights and ornaments. It smells awesome! Holden was so excited to pick it out- Davis wanted to stay in the car. A clear sign he wasn't feeling well. By the way- he is feeling so much better already after just a few days of meds. That's the one good thing about strep- quick recovery with meds.

Davis thought it was so funny to put on Bennett's boots last night- and immediately, Holden went over to get mine. She looked at me and said "Take our picture, mommy!"

This is their style in a nutshell. Davis in skivvies, Holden in layers. Batman shirt, lightning mcQueen leggings and her princess, of course. I love them! They are too very unique and silly beans. Talk to you later!