The Wonder Years.

So last night was Kindergarten round-up in Edina. And I would have never known this had my sweet friend Krissy not given me a heads up and suggested I go. To be honest, part of me wanted to skip it altogether because I have no idea where we will be in September...and even if we are still here, we won't be in our rental house at that in some ways I felt it was a little silly and frankly I wanted to go do something fun instead. But, Murphy was over to watch the kids, and Bennett got home sooner than planned so we bit the bullet and we went.

I walked in and felt like I was on the set of The Wonder Years. Seriously- that's what the little elementary in our neighborhood feels like. Anyway- I'm so glad we went. In Minnesota- you have so many choices. You can go to the school in your neighborhood, or you can open enroll into other schools and see if you get in, and there language immersion schools, and continued progress schools (you start with a teacher and a class in kindergarten and stick with them all the way through elementary). And these are all free public options. So long story short- I have no idea what we will end up doing- but I'm glad I went because it's clear that you want to just go ahead and enroll for all by the deadline in January and then you can decide later. So that's that. I felt like a real grown up last night. I felt SO excited for Davis. Bennett felt so nervous for Davis. And I think it hit home for both of us that this is coming QUICKLY. 

I don't really get how two working parents work the schedule (some schools start at 8:30, some at 9:30, some end at 3:00, some at 4:00) but that is a subject for another post.

In the meantime, here are some Thanksgiving-themed Brick Buddies pics. What a little turkey!

Happy Wednesday!