Thank You.

Today I said "thank you" to the doctor for listening to what I had to say about Davis and his eating (or lack thereof) issues and for giving me such good advice. She told me to let up on it...let it go a bit. He's growing, he's thriving, and as long as that is happening- and his basic nutritional needs are being met- the rest is not worth worrying about. I could have kissed her on the lips. THANK YOU lady.

I also said "thank you" to my mom for encouraging me as I cried on the way from the doctor's appointment to work (mainly due to sheer exhaustion) and I will email my sister and say "thank you" tonight for the encouraging note she sent me.

I said "thank you" to the people that made me feel so welcome in my job, in this city, and really in this state, as I said goodbye today.

And I said "thank you" to my friend Ellie for taking me out to lunch to congratulate me on my new career move and to wish me a happy birthday too. 

I said "thank you" to Davis for being such a great listener and a positive dude- total 180 from yesterday. 

And to you, I also say "thank you" or reading my blog, following along in our adventures- the good ones and the bad.

I will probably post a couple more before the new year- but they will be less consistent as we will all be relaxing and enjoying the warmth of friends, family, and Texas. 

Thank you!