Sound Bites.

Friday night- I had the hottest date at the party- for sure. And we had SO MUCH FUN. I'm super glad we went because Bennett was able to get a vibe for where I've worked the last year and also meet some very fun people. As we were leaving, he looked at me kind of quizzically and said "Sam- that seemed kind of cool..." And I was like "I know. They're really fun. They've never met a party they don't like. It's just if you want to do good work- well that is where they are challenged." So, this week I am feeling really sad that I have to leave the fun things, although I'm super glad to be on to new work things. 

Anyway- the best part of the party was when I was at the bar, trying to order a drink and I hear a huge upheaval over where the live reindeer were hanging out. Yes, live reindeer. And I look over and guess who is trying to take a selfie with the HUGE REINDEER? My husband. And he almost got his face ripped off because of it. I almost spit out my rum and diet coke just watching the whole situation. 

We stupidly only got this picture- but I was loving our look that night. I found this awesome black layered tulle midi skirt from Anthro and paired it with a fitted sweater, black heels, vintage earrings and reddish coral tights. Very festive.

Then we popped over to the Fine Line to watch Farewell Milwaukee and Blitzen Trapper. And guess who forgot her wardrobe change by the front door at her house? Me. So I was for sure the fanciest person there. Ha.

Farewell Milwaukee...a fairly local band. Nate and Sarah's friend is the dude on the right and he looks like he could be the fourth Avett Brother.

Blitzen Trapper. And I don't know where they are from, but I have liked their music for a long time. I embarrassed myself and our whole party greatly when I shouted "OH MY GOSH, I love this song! Who is this by?" It was an original of theirs. Ha. I got like 47 funny/annoyed looks from the people around us. But they had just played a Neil Diamond cover song- so how was I to know?

Saturday night, we laughed until we snorted, and until we almost set the house on fire. All of the sudden, I heard shouting in the kitchen where my friend Ann Marie was trying to heat up the homemade apple pie she brought. I ran in and she was swinging this towel around- flames flying all about. It was rather dramatic and exciting. Also, we asked their Uber driver to come back two separate times because we just weren't done having fun yet- and he actually DID- so we made him a plate of meatballs and apple pie. People are so nice here.

Sunday we got a bunch of stuff done. And Bennett made Davis rake with him since all the snow thawed out. Our 6 year old neighbor Jackson came over to help and boy he gave some good one liners. He is quite a competitive busy body (just like his mom) and I don't really have much patience for him always telling Davis what is what- but Bennett really nips it in the bud- which makes me laugh. Here are a few snippets from their conversations that made me giggle.

Jackson: I just hope Davis doesn't start crying when I get paid for doing my work while he's over there being a real chatty pants.
Bennett: Chatty pants?
Jackson: Yeah. My mom taught me that one.

Jackson: Hey Davis- you don't get paid for playing. You get paid for working.
Bennett: Hey Jackson- why don't you just focus on your leaves and let me worry about the rest.

Bennett: What are you guys going to do with your dollars? (After being paid $5 for an hour of work)
Davis: I'm going to buy some Legos at Target.
Jackson: I'm probably going to save it for college. Or a car. Maybe a house...

Ha! People are funny. Especially kids.

Also, I found this excerpt from something I was writing about a year ago. It's unedited, but I sort of like it. I think, when I'm in school full-time and also when I'm teaching...I'm going to get really serious about writing.

I was sitting in my office on the 28th floor of a downtown building, looking at Facebook for the hundredth time that day, which seems relatively passive, but not when you consider that I was also working diligently to avoid seeing my overweight silhouette in the highly reflective screen before me. If I could look at the screen in a shallow enough manner, I could disconnect myself from the dark shadow that was me. 

I had been thinking for days, maybe even weeks, of things I could do to make my remaining time interesting. And considering I was a healthy 30 year old, this was quite a task, as my remaining time could be anywhere from two minutes to another 45 years. 45 years was entirely too daunting though, so instead of peering through that telescope, I instead focused on the weekend ahead.

Maybe I would take up yoga? Or maybe, ooh, meditation. It’s so cliché, but ever since reading the book “Eat, Pray, Love” I had been so curious about meditation…partially because it seemed to be one of the only ways to remove yourself almost entirely from the world and everything in it, and partially because I wondered if I could do it. Be quiet for more than a few minutes. And not just be quiet, but actually be quiet and focus on absolutely nothing. Is that what they do? Focus on nothing? I thought so.

At the time, I couldn’t imagine thinking of nothing. My anxiety had reached an apex where there wasn’t a single moment that I wasn’t thinking of things I needed to do…though in the scheme of things, even I knew that most items on that perpetual list were not all that important. But the list was constantly playing in my mind. Clear enough to know how long it was, yet at the same time, always being clouded by another question: “What was the most efficient way to complete these tasks?”

I remember telling my mother, that even if I had just three things to do, I would chart out in my mind how I would get them done in the most efficient manner. 

“Lets just say that I need to get the laundry basket from the laundry room to fold it, I have to empty my suitcase from yesterday’s trip, and also I want to get a drink of water. I will first walk directly to the front door to get my suitcase, carry it to the laundry room where I will then empty it, split up the dirty and the clean clothes into piles…then once that is done, I will pick up the laundry basket, balance it on my right hip using my right arm to hold it there, swing by the kitchen to get my glass of water (with my left hand, of course), and then carry it over to the couch where I will sit down and fold it. Smart, right?”

I felt a sense of satisfaction, even pride, in explaining my approach to things like this …at least until I glanced up and saw my mom’s wrinkled brow umbrella-ing her concerned face. 

That's all I have today. I'm going to meet Martha after work so I'm kind of nervous. Hopefully it goes well! Also- TEN DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!!!