Things You Should Know.

So my new gig is official. I will be starting as the Director of Advertising at Best Buy in mid January. Pretty crazy, but definitely exciting. So I gave my two weeks notice last Thursday and I figured that I would discreetly slip away, missing the holiday party that is happening tonight. It's a formal affair, and I think in my haste and frustration, I just wanted to be done and not I also figured it is bad form to quit your job and then show up for the free booze at the party. Ha. But I have lots of friends here. And I have been reminded of that as everyone has been like "please come- it will be your last hurrah!". The CEO took me to lunch yesterday and was like "I will be offended if you DONT come..."

So anyway- we are doubling up on our plans tonight, going to the party, and then meeting Sarah and Nate for this show we've been planning on going to. The bands are called Farewell Milwaukee and Blitzen Trapper. I'm very excited. I will have to do a wardrobe change on the way to the Fine Line. 

Secondly, I've been meditating at work every day in the lactation room with my friend Carmen. Carmen is originally from Minne, but lived in LA for a long time and so she just has this really super cool laid back vibe about her. She has fair skin and jet black hair and if I had to describe her, I would describe her as being reminiscent of Claudia from the Babysitters Club books. Kind of exotic, and always a bit cooler than everyone else, but super nice. However, she's a super vegan, so she doesn't have all the candy stashed away like Claudia did. Anyway- she and I are very different and that is why I find her so intriguing. So meditation is pretty cool- I'm not sure I've mastered it yet- I've only done it a few times. But I read this article on how earning blank space in your mind invigorates brain cells and there were all these amazing stats and I can't remember them, but essentially, you restore your brain and get smarter. And also it's very relaxing. And sort of feels like a little nap at work. HA!

Thirdly, we are having about 6 people over tomorrow night to play cards and games. I am bringing a couple different worlds together- which I love doing. It gives some people major anxiety, but I feel like its great to bring friends together to 1) see if they become friends because all of the great things they have in common (including yours truly) and 2) get people out of their shell a bit and 3) have a good time. So, Nate and Sarah are coming, some friends from work are coming, and then Jenny, Ann Marie and Josh are coming. Jenny is Regina's daughter, and Ann Marie is Jenny's sister in law because she married her brother, Josh. Regina was our realtor when we first moved here and I liked her so much I invited her out for drinks when I moved here. And I'm glad I did, not only because she is fun, but also because her kids are even more fun. It's a total gas when we get together.

Fourth: I can't believe that after today I have four more days of work. That feels crazy. And I also can't believe that we leave next Saturday for Texas. So fun.

And I think that's all I have today except here are some pictures from swimming lessons last night. Have a great weekend!