Christmas and Santa.

So Holden made it clear recently how she values Santa "No this is God, mom..." and while I am joking about that, I do stress a bit about making sure our kids understand what Christmas is. We do the Elf on the Shelf- but don't go all crazy with it- it's just a fun thing to look for and talk about in the morning. And we talk about Santa and presents and being on the naughty or the nice list. But I always try to pepper in that while Santa is fun- the real reason for Christmas is Jesus' birthday. I'm hoping it sticks- but at the same time- as I try to talk about it more with Davis I'm like Holy Cow- I'm telling him the craziest story EVER. Because it really is the craziest story ever.

The other night, I laid down with him before bed and he said "Did you know that Jesus is dead?" I knew this was new information to him because of the way he said it, but I wasn't quite sure where he heard this news. I explained to him that Jesus died, but that he now lives in Heaven and that he can also live in your heart if you let him. UMMM. That sounds a little cray cray to a five year old. Luckily, or unluckily, I'm not really sure...he was way more interested in the fact that Jesus died so we had to talk a little bit about that. I tried to explain at a high level that there were people who did not like Jesus, that they didn't believe he was who he said he was, and that because they had angry and sad hearts, they killed him. But that unlike any other human, he rose from the ground and went to Heaven to be with his dad, God.

UMMM. His eyes were saucers.

"They killed him? Bad men killed him?" (Long, Thoughtful, Pause) "That is. That is. SO. NOT. NICE."

Me, trying not to giggle: "You're right Davis, it's actually the worst."

"The worst." he repeated.

And then I tried to get the story back on track, but before I could, he goes "You should tell dad that." Which made me laugh so hard because he said it in a way that was like "This is unbelievable. You better tell dad about this."

I later found out that the reason he was talking about it was because Bennett was also talking about how Christmas is Jesus' birthday and he also started off on the story of the life and death of Jesus Christ, but quickly back tracked and just tried to get Davis to focus on his birthday. HA! So Davis felt like his dad didn't know the whole story. Cracks me up.

Anyway- just wanted to remember this. Here are a couple pictures from the show last night. Very uneventful, which I guess is a good thing. :-) They both sang- Holden lifted her dress over her head at one point- and Davis almost refused to go on. He was trying to tell me he was too hungry to do it. I immediately thought to myself "Oh now you're hungry? my whole life is spent trying to get you to eat and NOW you're hungry???" Which prompted me to say to him through gritted teeth: "GET UP THERE RIGHT NOW OR YOU WON'T HAVE ANY DINNER TONIGHT OR EVER..." which worked because he skittered right up there and did his thing. 

They sang "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth". Please note, I didn't realize that it looks like Davis is grabbing Brook's "Christmas presents" in this picture until Bennett told me this morning. Errr, oops.

Yes, Holden DID negotiate wearing her "princess" under her dress. Considering the fact that her outfit was a beautiful Christmas blend of red, silver (the dress sparkled a bit, which you can't see here), and green I thought wearing it UNDER her dress rather than over was a win for me. AND guess who wore a bow??? VICTORY! (It was a trade for her running shoes. She likes to go fast.)