Holy cow it was nice to have Honey in town for Thanksgiving. It was also nice to basically have Wednesday through Sunday off. We had so much fun this past week- we played at home, we went out to eat, my mom and I went shopping on Friday and had a great lunch together, Bennett and I got to go out with friends, and the kids just ATE up all their time with Honey. Again, when Nikki or Honey come to town, we are instantly chopped liver. And that's fine with me. I love seeing them love their family and it's also nice to have a little down time.

One of the most fun things we did was go see a movie together on Thanksgiving- Big Hero 6. This was Holden's first movie- and she did alright. She got up a few times to go to the bathroom and the only reason she sat for the last 15 minutes was because I kept passing her Jelly Bellys. But oh they were so excited to go to the movies together! 

She wears this tutu my grandparents gave her, with EVERYTHING. She calls it "my princess" and as you are getting dressed, without fail she looks at you, sort of exasperated and says "I NEED MY PRINCESS!!"

She insisted on holding the shared popcorn. She probably ate most of it. Bottomless pit, this girl. Bennett and I also got to go out for drinks and dinner for Ellie's birthday on Friday. We had so much fun, as you can see by the pictures below...

The girl on the left is Katie, Ellie's sister in law, and the guy on the left is Ellie's brother. They are planning to move to Minneapolis. I gave girlfriend some real talk about it. She said she has been here a week and is tired of being cold. I said "Umm. Yeah. So it lasts until May." They live in LA.

We went to Psycho Suzi's for drinks before dinner at the Sample Room. Here is a shot of Psycho Suzi's. It's the weirdest place. I love it.

And Bennett made the best turkey ever...his dedication is 2nd to none.

And Honey put sprinkles on everything.

And we also fit in a trip to the Mall of America to go to Legoland and also ride a few rides. It wasn't even so crazy on Saturday. I guess everyone had been there the day before.

Oh and Bennett and I got to go see the new Hunger Games movie...and he embarrassed me with his DIY butter system...this is a classic Bennett move, for sure.

And man, it was just a really fun week/weekend. Hope you had a great one too! More tomorrow.