so weird.

so as i mentioned, yesterday was great...and after work i had a happy hour with my team to celebrate finishing this big project, and then i was home by about 6:30. so i played with the kids, and got the guest room ready for nikki, and then after everyone was in bed, i went to get in bed to watch a movie with bennett. i laid down, and all of the sudden, i felt sick. okay so i've never had this happen before- but i could literally feel it wash over me. it was so weird.

and i had a fever all night- going from feeling like i was on fire to shivering and begging bennett to cuddle with me. he was like "you feel like a hot rock." at one point, i was sweating through my clothes. clearly i didn't get much sleep last night. but here is the weirdest thing- when i woke up- i didn't feel feverish anymore at all. i have a massive headache- it feels like a sinus headache- but the fever and achy feeling is gone. has this ever happened to you? 

i am both freaked out about what that was and thankful that it went away. i was lying in bed, teeth chattering, thinking "no. this can't happen. nikki is coming, it's davis' birthday, this cannot happen." so weird.

i'm going to walk over to target during lunch and get some sinus headache medicine. hopefully that is all this is. 

anyway- so speaking of davis' birthday- 16 kids have RSVPd. he is going to have so much fun. i cannot wait. last night, i wrapped some of the presents that have come in the mail for him, and it just made my heart sing. my grandparents sent something, honey sent a package, nikki sent a package, and even b and courtney sent a package. we are very lucky. now our gifts for him haven't arrived yet. they better come today! :-)

holden is none to happy that it is not her birthday and that those presents aren't for her. i can't decide if this is a good lesson for her, or if she is too young and i should just get a little gift for her to open. we'll see. 

anyway- that's all i have to say today. hope you're having a great thursday. thursday has always been my favorite day of the's just before the weekend and i LOVE looking forward to things. :-)